What: 20/20 Research, operating primarily in Nashville, Miami and Charlotte, pays you small amounts for surveys but more for in-person focus groups 

Expected pay: $1 to $150

Husl $core: $$$

Where: Nashville, TN; Miami, FL; Charlotte, NC


If you live in one of the cities where 20/20 has an office location, you can earn $50 to $150 by participating in in-person focus groups. If you are anywhere else, you would participate online for far less generous remuneration — from gift cards to points that would lead to eventually being able to buy gift cards. Your name would also be put into sweepstakes drawings for additional rewards. The chance of winning those rewards is better than your chance of winning the lottery, but worse than getting paid for a real job.  

You can find other survey/focus group opportunities at FindFocusGroups; Shifrin-Hayworth, SignUp Direct and Consumer Opinion Services.

Want to try 20/20 Research?

Here’s a link to their site. 

What their participants say:

“I’ve been a part of this “company” for almost 2 years & I qualify like 20% of the time. When I do qualify, no one calls me. Then I get the email. Got excited, web cam meeting was set up for the 2 days & everything! An hour before the meeting, it got cancelled! What a waste of time!”

“They are few and far between and I rarely qualify. I keep hoping though.  I’m downgrading to less stars because I currently have an issue. Initial invite said I’d be paid $125, instead they’re sending me a $90 Visa card (have sent them at least 3 emails asking for explanation but have received no response as of yet.). I’ll follow thru when I get answers.”

“Time consuming to the max!, Redundant information requested and product questions asked. Many tasks were required that are outside the norm. For instance, they will pay for UPS to deliver what they want you to have. But they don’t have a ups or fedex or the postal service pick up the things they want returned. They leave it to you to traipse around your city to drop them off. I pity the companies that use these people to test their products. I pity more those that are willing to do the testing and expect reasonable compensation. Just delete their email!”

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