What: Adder Mobile allows you to earn money while you drive by wrapping your car with advertising or putting a magnetic placard on the door

Expected pay: $75 to $450 per month

Husl$core: $$$

Commissions/Fees: NA

Where: Continental U.S.

Requirements: Over 18, Valid DL and Insurance, No Felonies on Background Check, 2008 or newer vehicle in good condition

Review: Like Wrapify, Adder Mobile puts a little side hustle in your daily commute by slapping advertisements on your car. The bigger the advertisement — and the more generous the sponsor — the more money you make. But you need to drive at least 500 miles a month (which, by the way, is below average) to remain in a campaign.

Although Adder is seeking drivers in all 48 contiguous states, it currently only has advertisements running in Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois. So don’t expect to sign up and make an immediate mint. The site pays drivers by PayPal or paper check on the 5th of the month, following the completion of a campaign or 30 days, whichever comes first, according to Ian Gerard, Adder’s CEO and founder.

 The site’s terms say that Adder and it’s affiliate installers will be held responsible for any damages that might arise from the application of advertising wraps “if the issue lies in the incorrect installation or removal of said advertisements.” It suggests that you take pictures before the beginning of the campaign so you can establish a loss, if one arises. This is an improvement over the site’s previous terms, which only made Adder responsible for losses amounting to “up to the total driver payout,”  which we thought was an inadequate guarantee. Gerard agreed with us and made a change. We have subsequently boosted the site’s Husl$core to reflect the improved terms.

That said, Adder is brand new, so there were no driver reviews to tell us whether there are problems with the site. Unlike Carvertise and Wrapify, where founders either had experience or venture capital, Adder appears to be funding its operation as it goes. That gives us pause. For the moment, we think you’re better off with Wrapify. You may also want to consider Promotocar, Carvertise and MyFreeCar. But, there’s no prohibition from signing up with everybody.


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