Affiliate relationships

If you click on any of the links embedded in our reviews, it’s possible that SideHusl will earn a commission through a so-called “affiliate relationship.” What’s an affiliate relationship? Essentially, it’s a website’s way of saying “these companies are advertisers.”

Response required

However, affiliates pay for their ads based on how readers respond. If readers don’t click on the advertiser’s link — or sign up to try the advertiser’s products — the website “affiliate” doesn’t make money. If you do respond to the affiliate link, it might.

With other types of advertising, advertisers simply pay for “eyeballs.” In other words, they pay a set rate, based on how many people view a specific page. It doesn’t matter whether the reader eventually buys something from that advertiser. They’re paying for space.

Affiliates are not. They pay only for action. If the reader does not act in some way (each agreement is somewhat different in terms of what action is required), the website that ran the ad does not get paid at all.

We attempt to be as clear as possible about our affiliate relationships, accepting only those that we believe are advantageous to both and our readers. The nature of the agreement is noted in the blog post where the affiliate link appears.