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What: Rent your furnished home or apartment Commissions & Fees: 20% Husl$core: $$$

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What: Work as a private coach Expected pay: $15 - $75 per hour Husl$core: $$$

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Washington Post Talent Network

What: Contribute articles, photographs or video for the Washington Post Expected pay: $100 or more per article/contribution HuslScore: $$$$

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Misleading statistics on the freelance economy

How big is the freelance or "gig" economy and why might you care? Because "a structural change" in the workforce begs rethinking existing systems.

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What: Broad employment platform to find freelance jobs in administration, design, writing, translation, photography, software development, business systems and more Expected pay:…

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How to start a six-figure side husle

Nick Loper started his career selling auto parts, now he makes a "comfortable six-figure income" helping other side hustlers start their own businesses

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Best side hustles for teachers

Millions of school teachers may be looking for side jobs this summer, and the options have never been more prolific or potentially lucrative.

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Varsity Tutors

What: Tutor in topics ranging from elementary school English to LSAT preparation, music lessons, workplace skills, etc. Expected pay: $15 to $40 per hour Husl Score: $$$$

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What: Teach (and sell) online courses Expected pay: varies Husl$core: $$$$$

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