Author: Kathy Kristof

  • pays by the word to translate copy that requires a human touch, but the pay is paltry Expected pay: one-half cent to two-cents per word Husl$core: $

  • EcoATM


    EcoATM will buy used smart phones for cash on the spot Expected pay: Varies Husl$core: $

  • Hit Predictor

    Hit Predictor

    Hit Predictor promises to pay points, worth between 3 and 5 cents, for every song you review Expected pay: nominal Husl $core: $

  • Fusion Cash

    Fusion Cash

    Fusion Cash is a survey site that pays pennies for giving your opinion, if it pays you at all Expected pay: nominal Husl $core: $

  • Virtual Jury

    Virtual Jury

    Virtual Jury enlists individuals to be mock jurors, but doesn’t provide much information about what this entails. Expected pay: Not disclosed Husl $core: $

  • One Class

    One Class

    One Class pays college students to share their class notes Expected pay: nominal Husl $core: $

  • Course Hero

    Course Hero

    Course Hero enlists subject matter experts to answer questions from college students for pay Expected pay: $1 – $5 per answer Husl $core: $

  • Mechanical Turk

    Mechanical Turk

    Mechanical Turk enlists freelancers to complete “human intelligence tasks” (HITS) for pennies in pay Expected pay: pennies Husl $core: $

  • Text Broker

    Text Broker

    Text Broker enlists freelance writers to create blog posts and newsletter content for a tiny amount of pay Expected pay: 1 cent to 5 cents per word Husl $core: $

  • The Content Authority

    The Content Authority

    The Content Authority is a content mill that pays writers pennies to produce blog posts and other written material. Expected pay: 1 cent to 6.5 cents per word Husl $core: $