What: BeGlammed connects customers needing cosmetology services for special occassions with the cosmetologists willing to do the job

Expected pay: $30 – $90 per hour

Husl$core: $$$$

Commissions & Fees: 40% + part of the tip

Where: Atlanta, Austin, Boca Raton, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Fort Lauderdale, the Hamptons, Houston, Inland Empire, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Napa/Sonoma, Naples (FL), Nashville, New York, Orange County (CA), Orlando, Palm Beach, Palm Springs, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, San Diego, San Jose, Santa Barbara, Seattle, Toronto, Vancouver, Washington D.C., India

Requirements: Have a valid cosmetology license for hairstylists and nail technicians; two or more years of experience; smart phone (Apple or Android); perform well in an in-person audition

Review: BeGlammed connects customers needing cosmetology services for special occassions with the cosmetologists willing to do the job. Customer rates range from $50 to $155 per hour (for bridal makeup with lashes), and stylists keep 60% of what they earn, plus the bulk of the tip.

The catch is that stylists also pay for their own supplies and the cost of getting to the client, so your net profit will be less. Moreover, when a client has ordered two services, such as hair styling and makeup, to be done by different stylists, the app tends to schedule them together, leaving one of you cooling your heels. The site’s commission is also substantial. And if you cancel any appointments within seven days of the appointment date, you get fined $25 or the amount that your commission would have been for the appointment.

That said, The app will also pay you for all but $5, if you have to pay to park, appears to have plenty of jobs for stylists, and pays weekly by direct deposit. If hourly pay estimates on Glassdoor are in the ballpark, BeGlammed also pays dramatically better than it’s main competitor, GlamSquad. We also commend BeGlammed for being transparent with its terms for stylists, which GlamSquad is not.

What their stylists say (from Glassdoor)

I applied online. The process took 2 days. I interviewed at beGlammed (Los Angeles, CA) in August 2015. For the interview: Show up with a model and do her makeup. The girls interviewing you have advanced training and experience and know what to look for. They then place you in a tier based on your skills and years in the industry.

Caring company from the CEO down! Always warm and friendly staff members. I wish there were more Elite jobs consistently as I love working for this company. I was affected by the hurricane in Houston recently and I was assisted with a personal email from the founder offering assistance. All because I am a fellow Be Glammed team member as part of the Elite team. The help I received was a show of love and support which I greatly appreciated!

You need to be close to your phone to get gigs, which is hard for people who have another job

You make your own schedule. the other companies i work for put you on a schedule and you are supposed to stick to it. beglammed just books appointments and you take them if you want them. its great if you’re slow in the salon and something comes in. the girls in the office are awesome too. they are always there to help you and will contact you personally to help with appointments. Alexis and Valen are the best. if you call, ask for them. they will always have your back. the client like them a lot too, so the company hires pretty well!Show Less

The pay isn’t the best, but its not too bad. if you do hair and makeup its better because there are times you will do both on an appointment. i work for glam squad too and they only let you do 1 or the other.

I’ve been working for beGlammed, as a freelance artist, since November 2014. beglammed has helped me built my portfolio and keeps me busy with clients. It is nice to focus on servicing your clients and focusing in artistry without worrying about paying for advertising, getting clients, paperwork or “chasing” clients to get paid. They do all that for me! The founder, Maile, is very kind, helpful and approachable. The team at headquarters have always been very helpful and answer any concerns or questions I mights have. It’s been a great journey and I’m excited for another busy year with beGlammed. Even though, I book myself with clients whenever I am available, it’s easy to overbook or overlap your appointments so be careful.

Very busy, lots of jobs, management and customer service is extremely nice and personable, you meet lots of great clients with the potential of getting more requests, freedom of taking appointments only when you’re available, making your own schedule, very easy system to work with. If there is a problem, the people at the office are always very nice and accommodating and the issue is always resolved in some way. If you need to cancel an appointment, they’re usually always able to find another stylist to cover for you.Show Less

beGlammed takes 40% commission and 5% of your tip, which is quite a bit considering you’re using all of your own products and driving to the clients. You can get paid more for one appointment than you can by doing an all day event with them. BeGlammed would be even more amazing to work for if they didn’t take such a huge commission from the stylist. If not that, then I think compensation for gas money and product would be great too. I think all day events should be a higher pay as well.

I was one of the first artists to be hired by beGlammed when they launched in L.A. nearly 3 years ago. My experience working with them has always been positive, and they have been one of the best companies I have had the pleasure working for. As a freelance artist, consistent work is hard to come by, and beGlammed has provided me with opportunities to fill in gaps in my schedule. I can accept or decline gigs based on my availability. They have also opened doors to work at weddings, special events, photoshoots, music videos, and with high-profile clientele. I have met a lot of great people, and have worked alongside top artists. Truly an amazing company to work for! But since beGlammed was founded, the company has grown tremendously into many markets, and thus with many more artists. Competition is fierce, and if you’re not quick enough to respond to the appointment notifications, it is your loss. It has become increasingly difficult to accept open gigs when they are already taken by another artist who received the notification a nano-second before you.

Being a traveling hair and makeup professional as well as educator, it is such a benefit to know that I can pick up work in various city’s and states while meeting fun clients from different walks of life. The fact that I am represented and supported by a wonderful staff is just the icing to the cake! Because I specialize in both hair and makeup artistry, it would be nice to make full profit off one single client and perform both services (if time permits). The reason for this is because as a makeup artist we need the client up higher and as a hairstylist we need them lower, so when both services are performed at the same time, we tend to get in each other way not to mention it is very strenuous for the hairstylist and our body positioning. whereas on the makeup artist’s end they are perfectly comfortable (and get paid more!) Advice to Management: Allow one service provider perform both services if they know how. 2) Charge client more if both services are requested at the same time to compensate for discomfort to the hairstylist. 3) Have one artist show as the other is leaving

Working for Beglammed as a freelance makeup artist is such a blessing. I’ve worked every venue (cosmetics, tv, photoshoots, fashion shows, movies, commercials, high profile events & weddings) and work has always been up and down.

I’ve been working with Beglammed now for 2 years and their bookings fill in the gaps when I’m free and keeps the wheels turning. Money is not over rated and as a professional artist you always want to keep your skills sharp by doing what you do best whenever you can.

Beglammed truly has been a great experience for me. I’m so very thankful for everyone there. I have some amazing stories of support given to me by their in house team, Maile Pacheco the founder of Beglammed and even the CEO Rebby Greg, who stepped up to help me out when I was working out of town. They are all truly dedicated to having a special company to work for.

I love being in charge of my schedule and being my own girlboss. Alexis at the corporate office is such a pleasure to have as support for your role with beglammed. She always has your back and has your best interest. You feel appreciated. The pay is great especially if you are top tier (elite), if you see a lower tier you don’t have to take if its too far from you. I have had some great opportunities with beGlammed, like styling celebrities and doing photo shoots and events. I am now spoiled cause there is no way in hell I can go back to salon life

As the talent coordinator for LA/IE/OC I get to meet wonderful new talent every week. It’s been a pleasure helping with the recruiting process of finding new amazing talent. As well as being able to beautify beGlammed clients when I am available. The flexibility that this company has given me has been endless. The clients have been super sweet and very grateful for their services. What I love most about working for beGlammed is being able to do BOTH hair and makeup for their clients (more money) and doing what I LOVE and truly am passionate about as my job. I’ve worked for them for almost 2 years and still feel like I am working with family and friends. Their support to me has been amazing and genuine. You just have to be quick in the fingers to confirm an appointment

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