What: Bellhop connects consumers needing help moving with people who are strong enough to do it

Expected pay: $15 – $21 per hour (average, including tips)

Husl$core: $$

Commissions & Fees: NA

Where: Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, D.C.


  • Be over 18 years old
  • Be able to lift 100 pounds
  • Own a smartphone
  • Handle your own transportation
  • Complete the Bellhops interview process
  • Pass a free online background check
  • Have a standard checking account with a qualified financial institution.

Bellhop Review:

Bellhop is one of a number of smart-phone applications that you can use to find work helping people move. This job is billed as a perfect option for college students, since business is likely to be brisk in the summer moving months and slower during the school year.

The hours are flexible and the pay exceeds minimum wage, but not by much. Given the physical demands of the job, the pay seems inadequate. Moving can be a very lucrative side hustle. Just not here.


The best-paid moving jobs require a truck or van, but even moving assistant jobs pay better with Dolly and TaskRabbit.

And, if you happen to have a truck, there are far better-paying moving jobs with Truxx and GoShare. But, of course, these require that you shoulder vehicle expenses, such as gas, insurance and repairs. 

What their movers say: (from Glassdoor)

You get paid $13-15 per hour as a college student for moving. You have an app which you could use to claim some available moving jobs. The app keeps track of your pay stubs and the number of jobs you have completed. It also shows your mover score and customer and peer reviews. You can also reach the company through the app. You get to work whenever you choose, great tips and hourly pay, good job to keep yourself in shape! Perfect summer gig for those who don’t mind working hard. Hours slow down a lot after summer is over. Sometimes management doesn’t coordinate schedules very well (they might give you two jobs in one day with very little time allowance in between) or they completely misjudge how long a job will take. Some jobs are far from your location and quick, will eat up gas, making it not worth the drive.

(from Indeed)

“Don’t fall for the $21/hr(if people tip). It’s a lie. They don’t calculate Taxes and when you add in self-employment tax, it pays less than you would get at a normal moving company.You got to buy your own equipment. Management is basically not there. And if you have a move you can’t back out of it after 72 hours or they will penalize you for it. No job security either. In the winter and fall they shave the roster down. Customers also lie on the inventory report and bellhops doesn’t do anything to stop it. You’ll think you’re doing a quick move and then the customers add on more items when you get there.”

“From a labor standpoint, moving people can be tough work.  The hours are flexible, the pay is good, and the Bellhops team has a lot of experience working around students’ schedules. Great for anyone who has to balance school with work.”

When working in the furniture moving business, expect curve balls. Many customers do not accurately list items. Low travel compensation and no health benefits.

Living in Arizona during the day when it’s 100+ degrees outside(115 during the summer). It really isn’t worth working for a moving company making less than $10 an hour after gas. I worked 2/12 hours in 112 degree weather and made $30 ,$5 went into gas. My friend nearly passed out twice, I don’t feel it’s worth the $30 we made while risking our own safety.

Want to try Bellhop?

Here’s a direct link to the Bellhop site.

Updated 2/7/2021