Q Kids

What: Work teaching English to Chinese kids Expected pay: $16 - $20 per hour Husl$core: $$$$


What: Write for pay Expected pay: 25 cents to $2 per word Husl$core: $$$$


What: Work in childcare Expected pay: $15 to $25 perhour HuslScore: $$$$

Snag A Job

What: Employment platform that allows you to find local work in almost any industry Expected pay:…

Fat Lama

What: Rent out your household goods Commissions & Fees: 15% (paid by both borrower and lender)…

Cooking jobs: Tasty and flambe

Cooking for a living can be a tasty side hustle, with earnings well over $20 per hour. But chefs…


What: Sell personal items, ranging from musical instruments and furniture to clothing and books…


What: Work helping people move Expected pay: $15 to $30 per hour, plus tips Husl$core: $$$$


What: Sell your clothing, shoes, purses and other fashion  Commissions & fees: 20%  (sales of…


What: Find work in warehouse operations, delivery, administration, event staffing, merchandising…


What: Rent out your car Expected pay: $30 to $150 per day (depending on the car) Husl $core: $$$$$