• Summer gigs
    Summer vacation season kicks off red-hot demand for a host of summer gigs. Jobs in hospitality, tourism, beauty, animal and child care lead the list of high-demand summer side hustles.
  • Three new side hustles
    Among the three new side hustles reviewed this week is a potentially great summer job for teens.
  • Writers: How to compete with ChatGPT
    Writers worry about how to compete with ChatGPT because this tool can write a coherent 250 word blog post in a matter of minutes — for free.
  • Rent your stuff for fun and profit
    The sharing economy allows you to rent out almost anything, from houses and cars to RVs, camera equipment, sporting goods, storage space…you name it.
  • Weird and wonderful side hustles
    These sites offer weird and wonderful side hustles — sometimes for just a limited time; sometimes as a matter of course. 
  • Make money with your voice
    Want to make money with your voice? No matter whether your voice is soft and silky, melodious, or simply distinctive, you may be able to make money doing voice overs.
  • Earn passive income by selling your data
    Today’s data-driven economy thrives on the constant exchange of information, and that allows you to earn passive income by selling your data.
  • Homemaker hustles
    If you are a person who loves household tasks, you should check out homemaker hustles. These side hustles can help you make good money cooking, cleaning and caring for others.
  • Virtual assisting 101
    Looking for a job that’s as flexible as you are? Consider virtual assisting. You can work anywhere and do almost anything.
  • How to survive a layoff
    Wondering how you could survive a layoff? With rampant job cuts in tech and many other industries, you’re certainly not alone.
  • Mid-term rentals as a side hustle
    If you want to make good money investing in real estate, consider mid-term rentals — a low-maintenance, high-return investment.
  • Top 5 hobby hustles
    Hobby hustles are not only attractive because they allow you to make money doing things you love, they’re also beneficial at tax time.
  • Sophisticated job scam
    Consumer protection experts are warning about a sophisticated job scam aimed at getting Social Security and bank account information from job seekers.
  • Zombie side hustles
    Zombie side hustles are not quite dead, but are so moribund that you’d be wise to avoid getting sucked into their void.
  • Hour-a-day hustles
    Broke and time constrained? Hour-a-day hustles can be accomplished over your lunch hour or managed on the way home from work.
  • Sites to sell a wedding dress

    A number of sites will help you sell a wedding dress and potentially recover a good amount of the thousands of dollars you spent.

  • Hot hustles: Go where the money is

    Looking to pad your bank account or pay off your holiday debt? Look for hot hustles — jobs that are in the greatest worldwide demand.

  • Sell your old phone

    Get a new phone over the holidays? You can sell your old phone and potentially earn a significant amount on the sale.

  • Booming market for marketing mavens

    There’s a booming market for marketing mavens and all you need to make six figures today is the ability to show results.

  • Making a mint dog sitting with Rover
    Dan Simms uses smart sales techniques to turn dog-sitting for Rover into a $50,000+ annual side hustle.
  • 4 Rotten job sites

    You know how cops direct people away from gruesome scenes? That’s how we feel about these rotten job sites. We just want to waive you away for your own good.

  • Weekend side hustles
    If you need to earn extra money, but don’t have the energy to add hours to work day, you might want to check out weekend side hustles.
  • 3 Best tutoring sites
    The best places to find a tutor are also the sites that are the best places for freelancers to offering tutoring services.
  • Great holiday gift experiences
    Want to give someone something unique this holiday season? Consider holiday gift experiences.
  • Side hustle success stories: Selling on Etsy
    Helen Spallas has worn many hats–investigator, janitor, tax preparer –but she didn’t make six figures until she started selling on Etsy.
  • Make money and save lives
    Want a feel-good side hustle? Donate plasma or platelets. You can make money and save lives at the same time — and the amount you earn is generous.
  • Last gasp of summer recommendations
    Last-minute vacationers spell opportunity for side hustlers, who can take advantage of last gasp of summer recommendations
  • Delicious side job: teach cooking classes
    When the pandemic shut down restaurants and travel, Americans pulled out their oven mitts. Now if you want a delicious side job, you can teach cooking classes.
  • Tech skills draw top pay
    If you have tech skills, you can draw top pay in the freelance market. And your tech skills don’t even have to be extraordinary.
  • 6 new money-makers
    This week’s crop of newly-reviewed side hustles underscore the wide variety in the so-called “gig-economy.”
  • Where to sell what you own
    The increasingly wide variety of different sales platforms may leave you with questions about where to sell what products.
  • No college? No problem
    No college? No problem. A wide array of jobs — many of them well-paid — don’t require a degree. Moreover, some cities are particularly friendly to workers without a college education.
  • Strategies to survive inflation
    Basic strategies to survive inflation involve spending (or saving) less or earning more. Or, if you’re retired, using more of your savings.
  • Tax software for side hustlers
    Side hustle income gives you access to deductions and credits employees don’t have, but you’ll need tax and accounting software to claim it.
  • Jobs for retirees
    With 401(k) balances plunging and the cost of everything soaring, people are “unretiring.” Here are flexible, part-time jobs for retirees.
  • Learn to teach for free
    Have a skill? You can make money teaching it online. And this month two of the best teaching platforms will teach you how.
  • My favorite side hustles
    Our favorite side hustles are more than just places where you can earn decent money. They combine things that have a visceral appeal — food, friends, pets and travel — with platforms that treat both customers and freelancers fairly.
  • 5 New hustles — good, promising and pretty bad
    We’ve reviewed 5 new hustles this week, which provide good opportunities for designers, notaries and motorcycle owners.
  • Where to find writing and editing jobs
    Writing and editing jobs are rapidly expanding on the web to fuel corporate websites, feed new blogs and to support the burgeoning self-published book industry.
  • Jobs for military spouses
    The typical military family moves every two or three years. And with all that moving around, jobs for military spouses must be able to pick and go wherever and whenever you do.
  • Side hustles for optimists
    A pessimist might assume that side hustles for optimists are those too-good-to-be-true opportunities that turn out to be scams. But some side hustles simply suit the optimists generally positive outlook on life.
  • Holiday hustles
    One-quarter of Americans are looking for a holiday hustle to help defray the high cost of seasonal giving, travel and events. Helpful tips on where and how to find work.
  • High pay for skilled labor
    You can earn high pay for skilled labor — everything from specialized cleaning services to hanging television sets and fixing broken pipes.
  • Side hustles for pessimists
    Side hustles for pessimists are the types of money-making opportunities that can go well — or poorly — depending on how well you’re prepared.
  • The art of getting hired
    We talked to a variety of successful individuals on the art of getting hired. While the advice can vary depending on the type of customer you’re after, there are the best tips.
  • Options for entertainers, marketers and more’s latest round of reviews uncovered good options for entertainers, marketers and mock jurors.
  • Make money with greeting cards
    You don’t have to be employed by Hallmark to make money with greeting cards. All you need is a clever wit and the ability to pull together attractive or funny illustrations.
  • Vacation season opportunities
    Whether you’re looking for work or respite from work, more than a dozen online platforms can help you save money or side hustle your way through this vacation season. Here are some vacation season opportunities
  • Newly discovered side gigs
    We are always on the hunt for new gigs that offer engaging work and good money. Several of these newly discovered side gigs fit the bill.
  • Good side hustles with few requirements
    Most side hustles have a list of requirements. Not these. With these jobs all you need is to be over the age of 18 and have a smart phone.
  • Driving for pay? Your best bets
    Driving for money? The type of driving you do could have a dramatic impact on how much you earn, according to a new analysis from Gridwise.
  • Summer jobs for school teachers
    These summer jobs for school teachers can help teachers use their summer downtime to earn money, sometimes throughout the year.
  • Cash in on Wedding Palooza
    Now that Covid is receding and restrictions are beginning to lapse, many experts expect a Wedding Palooza — a year of near incessant nuptials and all the lavish celebrations (and freelance opportunities) that come with them.
  • How drivers deal with soaring gas prices
    Delivery and ride share drivers can wrap their cars with advertising as a way of dealing with soaring gas prices. Extra $; no added work.
  • Make money playing games
    You don’t have to be a YouTube or Twitch star to make money playing games. You could just be an ordinary person with a side hustle.
  • Sandwich generation needs caregivers
    The sandwich generation needs caregivers for both elderly parents and small children at the same time. Opportunities and challenges for caregivers and clients.
  • Summer jobs
    It may still feel like winter in many parts of the country, but now is the time to start looking for seasonal summer jobs in camps and resorts.
  • Blogging as a side hustle
    Larry Ludwig may well be the poster child for why people recommend blogging as a side hustle. He went from $0-$6 million in nine years.
  • Making cars earn their keep
    Cars normally cost money. However, an increasing number of entrepreneurial vehicle owners are making their cars earn their keep. 
  • Jobs for nomads
    If you want to work while you travel or live in a foreign land, jobs for nomads can allow you to earn money whenever and wherever you want.
  • Side hustles for the opinionated
    Opinionated? Don’t limit yourself to arguing with strangers on social media. Get paid to participate in side hustles for the opinionated.
  • Remote customer service jobs
    If you want to work in your pajamas at odd hours of the day or night, you may be a perfect candidate for remote customer service jobs.
  • How to earn $500 fast
    The editors at searched through our database of 450 side hustle platforms to find those that could help you earn $500 fast.
  • Make money while killing time
    Waiting on jury duty? For a late flight? Suffering through a bad movie? Pull out your phone and make money while you’re killing time. 
  • How to teach English online
    Native English speakers have a simple, and often lucrative, side hustle. They can teach English online. More than a dozen online platforms can help.
  • Jobs for people who love to shop
    Do you love to shop? You can make money shopping for others with mystery shopping concerns and grocery shopping apps.
  • Earn holiday money before the holidays
    If you want to participate in holiday festivities — gifts, parties, travel — without new debt, now is the time to start earning holiday money.
  • Work-at-home spurs working on homes
    Working at home has spurred a national trend of working on homes. And that’s great news for contractors, landscapers and decorators.
  • New side hustles, good and bad’s editors have reviewed a half dozen new side hustles this week. Some are good; some pretty bad.
  • Jobs in interior and landscape design
    With residential building continuing to boom, jobs in interior and landscape design are too. Here are side hustle platforms that can help you find interior and landscape design gigs.
  • Tight talent market spells opportunity
    Today’s tight talent market spells opportunity for freelance workers, who are cashing in as corporations turn to contractors to fill millions of open positions. 
  • Side hustle etiquette
    Freelance work has upended the traditional economy. That makes it high time to take a look at side hustle etiquette.
  • Time-wasting side gigs
    There are thousands of ways you can make money with side hustles. But there are also time-wasting side gigs you should avoid.
  • Side hustles for 20- and 30-year-olds
    Debt, inflation and career goals fuel side hustles for 20-and-30-year olds, who look for flexible, fun gigs that can generate good income while fueling entrepreneurial interests.
  • Work-at-home jobs with sizzling demand
    Looking for work-at-home jobs? Businesses adapting to the post-Covid world are sending demand for some remote jobs into the stratosphere.
  • Low-cost, six-figure side hustle
    Looking for a way to make money without sacrificing too much time with her small kids, this mom created a six-figure side hustle selling on Etsy.
  • Where to find a holiday job
    You have two basic choices when looking for a holiday job. You can work for a traditional company, or you can essentially work for yourself through gig platforms
  • Side hustles for musicians and music lovers
    Side hustles for musicians and music lovers range from creating custom songs to curating music playlists. And the pay is reasonable for mostly light work.
  • New crop of side hustles
    A good rating on normally requires good pay compared to the time, expense and risks you shoulder. But every rule has exceptions.
  • Painless college debt repayment plan
    Need a relatively painless college debt repayment plan? Here’s our guide. It just takes strategy, discipline and a side hustle.
  • 7 creative side hustles
    Here are 10 creative side hustles that allow you to profit with acting, art, music, photography, design and writing.
  • 5 Tips to survive self-employment
    Striking out on your own? If this is your first experiment with working for yourself, you may need a few tips to survive self-employment.
  • One-hour side hustles
    If you can spare an hour — even just once a week — these 6 one-hour side hustles can help you earn an extra $100 or more each month.
  • Earn money for sharing receipts
    If you’re staring at an impressive pile of receipts for everything from clothing and gifts to decorations and groceries. Why not earn money for sharing those receipts?
  • Quest to test drugs sparks clinical side hustles
    The quest to find drugs that can treat everything from Covid to high cholesterol is fueling a plethora of lucrative opportunities for people willing to test out clinical side hustles.
  • 5 new side hustles
    Here are five newly-reviewed side hustle platforms that welcome workers in a wide array of fields. One caveat: Only one of the 5 new side hustles is an unequivocal win.
  • 7 side hustles anyone can do
    If you have a smart phone and transportation to get to and from work, there are plenty of side hustles anyone can do.
  • Side hustles for the strong and fit
    Got muscles? Some of the best-paying spring and summer side hustles are for the strong and fit.
  • $5 platform delivers six-figure incomes
    Fiverr, which once urged freelancers to work for $5, has become a platform where freelancers can earn six-figure incomes on their own terms.
  • Want to earn a fast buck? Babysit.
    Looking to earn a fast buck? Consider babysitting. An increasing number of companies are reopening offices and asking employees to show up in person, leaving parents scrambling for daycare.
  • Seasonal travel jobs, work with benefits
    Did the last year has left you yearning to travel, but too budget constrained to take a vacation? There may be a good alternative: Seasonal travel jobs.
  • Housesitting: Job or vacation?
    Don’t have the budget to take the trips you yearn for? Consider housesitting, where you trade watering and pet sitting for free accommodations.
  • Young adults hustling to get ahead
    Zillennials are hard-working, thrifty individuals who are hustling to get ahead by juggling school and multiple gig jobs. Here are the most popular and best gig jobs.
  • Extra income for cooks and influencers
    DishDivvy enlists cooks to sell meals and now also pays them — and clients — for referrals.
  • Learn tech, earn plenty
    You can earn great money, if you have tech skills. And, if you don’t have the skills today, you can learn tech and earn plenty in 6 months.
  • Teach English. No credentials required
    At many sites, all you need to get a tutoring job is to be a native English speaker. But pay gets better for people who want to teach English if you have credentials.
  • Fast typist? Try transcription
    If you’re a fast typist looking for a side hustle, you may want to try transcription, a work-at-home job that pays up to $25 an hour.
  • Time-saving tool for sellers
    List Perfectly, a time-saving tool for sellers, allows you to simultaneously list items for sale on up to 12 sales sites at a time.
  • Make money with photography
    Do you love to take photos with a digital camera or smartphone? You may be able to make money with photography.
  • How to make money as a movie extra
    You can make money as a movie extra. All you need is free time and the ability to follow directions.