What: BuddyTruk is a short-haul moving service, which matches drivers with people hoping to move furniture, appliances and other household items. 

Expected pay: $20 – $30 per hour

Husl$core: $$$

Commissions & Fees: 30%

Where: Los Angeles, Orange County, CA; Austin and San Marcos, Texas.


  • Must be 21 years of age
  • Have a good driving record
  • Must be able to lift 50 lbs.
  • Must pass a thorough DMV and criminal background check
  • Have a late-model truck or van, with auto insurance


BuddyTruk is a short-haul moving service that aims to connect drivers with consumers who want to move furniture, appliances and other household items around town.

Users complain of a glitchy app, which is likely to affect getting work. Additionally, the site is not transparent about how it pays its drivers. Company officials also did not respond to emails asking for more clarity.

BuddyTruk does provide back-up liability insurance and promises to pay drivers 70% of all the transaction fees. Their explanation of how those fees are calculated: “…using an algorithm, which includes the time of the haul and the distance between the pickup and drop-off locations, as well as other variables. A short or quick transaction won’t be expensive, but an hour-long transaction could average between $40-$60. It all depends on time and distance.”

Since you’re using your truck, your gas and your time, you should expect a better explanation of how you get paid. That said, this is likely to pay better than driving for Uber and certainly should get you considerably more than minimum wage. 

Other sites that may offer a better opportunity for someone with muscles and a truck: Truxx, Amazon Flex and Go Share

What their users say:

App is glitchy, i cant even finish the driver app. Because its so buggy and annoying. It wont even let me get past step 2 confirming my drivers license.

“App does not work Great idea/concept if it actually worked. I am using an LG v10 i cant add a pickup location and also cant register as a driver. It kept giving me a “B.T. can’t phone home” error message. Also be aware in the terms and conditions as a driver they will share your info with credit card & insurance companies. Like i said earlier its a really great idea if only the app actually worked. 2 stars for an idea that almost made it.”

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