What: Bunny Inc. is a website that connects writers, voice-over actors and translators with the companies that need them

Expected pay: theoretically set by you

Husl$core: $$

Commissions & Fees: not transparent, but supposedly paid by clients, not workers

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: Experience in the field for which you are applying and the ability to pass a screening test, which could take days of work.


This site has three offshoots –Writing Bunny; TranslationBunny and VoiceBunny — all under the main umbrella of Bunny Inc.

In theory, you set your own hourly rates on each of these Bunny sites and don’t pay any commissions to the platform. Bunny makes its money by adding a commission to your hourly rate when they bill the customer.  But workers maintain that if you have a high hourly rate, you probably won’t find work here. It appears the site only finds work for people who are willing to work for a pittance.

Time-consuming screening

And to even get in the line-up to apply for those low-paying positions, you need to spend hours going through their “screening” process. In addition to providing your qualifications, for instance, you must submit a custom sample of your work. For writers, they’ll ask for a reported piece of 1,600 words, which could take up to three days to complete. We didn’t test what was required of voice-overs and translation, but reviews indicate it’s a similarly time-consuming process. 

If you do get work from this site, Bunny reserves the right to reject your submission for any reason. One professional writer talks about her experience where a 1,600-word article that took considerable time to prepare and write on Bunny’s tight deadline and got rejected apparently because of a typo. 

WorkfromHomeBuzz also did a post on Bunny that expanded on how the site charges for “direct projects,” extrapolating what that would mean for worker pay. The short version: Even in a best-case scenario, the pay works out to considerably less than 25 cents a word. Similarly, a 1,500 word voice-over is priced between $197 and $295 — before Bunny’s fee. We were unable to find an estimate of what clients would be charged for translation work.

As may be clear from the below-average Husl$core, we don’t recommend this site. We think you’d be better off listing your services on Fiverr. 

What their users say (from Reddit)

VoiceBunny is not so great. A few months back I applied and got all excited when I got in and made a somewhat similar post asking about how to get invited to more stuff. The basic answer is, you don’t. There’s a relatively small number of auditions, and they don’t exactly pay fantastically either (to the talent, Mr Bunny gets a hefty wedge of cash for everything.), and as you have pointed out their review team is extremely inconsistent.

Recently I signed up on Voicebunny, despite some of the negative reviews of it, because I wanted to add to the work than I’m currently getting on Reddit, CCC, and some other opportunities that have popped up. Not feeling ready to throw down for the pay-to-plays. My first couple auditions went great and were accepted. Now it seems like “Mr. Bunny” only sends me auditions around 4 am, and by the time I get to them they are full. Recently, too, I have started getting a few rejections for “noise,” though I could not for the life of me find this noise. I record in an isolated booth from my computer and run iZotope in post. It’s been no different from my other accepted recordings. I get the Bunny’s “URGENT: revision needed” texts about an hour after the 20 minute deadline has expired, so that’s frustrating too.