What: Sell your art on cases for smart phones, tablets and laptops

Expected pay: They won’t say

Husl$core: $

Review: Casetify maintains that it wants to create sustainable jobs, where artists are rewarded for their work, “which is why Casetify Artists earn higher than the usual market standard. Simple as that.” What’s not simple is getting a straight answer about what exactly “higher than the usual market standard” might be. Nowhere in the site’s terms and conditions, FAQs or, well, anywhere, does the site explain just how much artists are paid and whether the pay is based on a percentage of the product sales price or a flat rate. When SideHusl reached out to site officials to find out we got: “We are sorry the profit share rate is decided by the Artist Management team and this will be disclosed when the application is successful.” In other words, you’ve got to do a lot of work before you find out whether your time is worth the trouble. When SideHusl reached out to Casetify users, they said that they’d normally earn about $5 per sale, if there were no promotions. But promotions are regular, so you’re likely to earn less. Given that Casetify charges about $40 for an iPhone case, that’s a pretty sorry royaltry rate. Unfortunately, it’s not a huge surprise. Generally speaking, when a company is reluctant to be clear about pay, that’s because it’s not only not paying “higher than the usual market standard,” they’re likely setting new lows. Meanwhile, while we were unable to find any artist reviews other than Kat Uno’s post about getting started and Uli at Found Some Paper’s piece on launching on both Society6 and Casetify. In both cases, there’s precious little information about whether these artists are able to make a decent living on the site. Until Casetify makes its compensation clear, we suggest artists stick with more forthcoming sites, such as Society6 and Redbubble

What their users say: 

Click on the links above to find out what artists Kat Uno and Uli say about their experience. And, if you have one of your own, please hit “contact us” and tell us all about it. 

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