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  • Medical jobs

    Medical jobs

    Two platforms that can help you find them flexible medical jobs that are mainly geared for nurses and medical staff

  • Language tutors

    Language tutors

    Language students know that some things can’t be learned from books. To learn language, you need to hear it and catch the cadence and tone.

  • Technology jobs

    Technology jobs

    Dozens of platforms will help you find technology jobs. By and large, people with great tech skills can set their own rates and work when they want.

  • Flexible accounting jobs

    Flexible accounting jobs

    It used to be tough to find accounting jobs that didn’t require a full-time commitment. That’s changed. Online platforms now offer many flexible accounting jobs.

  • Rent out anything

    Rent out anything

    Got stuff? You can rent out anything in today’s world. And, sometimes that means you can earn big money on an old investment.

  • Communication jobs

    Communication jobs

    Are you a professional wordsmith looking for communication jobs, possibly in public relations or editing. These sites can help.

  • Cooking for restaurants

    Cooking for restaurants

    If you’re looking for flexible, part-time work cooking for restaurants, there are a handful of good options. Here are your choices. 

  • Teaching side hustles

    Teaching side hustles

    Want to teach but don’t want to go into a physical classroom? This teaching side hustle site lets you teach classes of your making for the price of your choice.

  • Teach cooking classes

    Teach cooking classes

    There are some great money-making opportunities for good cooks, who want to teach cooking classes either in person or online.

  • Host tours

    Host tours

    If you’re active, friendly and intimately familiar with the sights of interest in your community, you can sign up to be a local tour guide.