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  • Academic side hustles

    Academic side hustles

    If learning and learners are your jam, academic side hustles may be right for you.

  • Cooking for take-out

    Cooking for take-out

    If you love to cook for others, but don’t want to work in a restaurant or have people to your home, you can make money cooking for take-out.

  • Translation work

    Translation work

    If you are fluent in more than one language, you may be able to earn money with freelance translation work.

  • Cooking for restaurants

    Cooking for restaurants

    If you’re looking for flexible, part-time work cooking for restaurants, there are a handful of good options. Here are your choices. 

  • Teaching side hustles

    Teaching side hustles

    Want to teach but don’t want to go into a physical classroom? This teaching side hustle site lets you teach classes of your making for the price of your choice.

  • Teach cooking classes

    Teach cooking classes

    There are some great money-making opportunities for good cooks, who want to teach cooking classes either in person or online.

  • Host tours

    Host tours

    If you’re active, friendly and intimately familiar with the sights of interest in your community, you can sign up to be a local tour guide.

  • Intellectual jobs

    Intellectual jobs

    Intellectual jobs can fall into academic, professional or translation categories. Pick the type of intellectual pursuit that most interests you.

  • Professional jobs

    Professional jobs

    If you’ve got the skills and experience to work in a professional capacity, you can earn generous pay through dozens of freelance sites.

  • Focus groups

    Focus groups

    If you love to talk about what you like and loathe, you might be perfect for focus groups that opine about products and services.