Category: work shop

  • Pinata


    Pinata promises to help you build credit and earn rewards by simply paying your rent on time. Expected pay: negligible Husl$core: $$$

  • ReceiptHog


    ReceiptHog pays cash back for in-person and online shopping, and rewards you for taking surveys Expected pay: negligible Husl$core: $$$

  • Instacart


    Instacart enlists freelancers to shop for and deliver grocery orders in exchange for a fee and tip Expected pay: $10 – $20 per hour Husl $core: $$$

  • GoPuff


    GoPuff enlists freelance drivers to pick up groceries from the company’s warehouses and deliver them to consumers. Expected pay: $3 – $5 per delivery, plus tip Husl$core: $$

  • Shiftsmart


    Shiftsmart connects willing workers with companies seeking product testers, retail workers, telemarketers and others Expected pay:Varies Husl$core: $$