Category: Work Survey

  • Clickworker


    Clickworker connects freelancers with ways to make small amounts of money, but some of the jobs are privacy-intrusive Expected pay: varies Husl$core: $

  • PaidViewpoint


    PaidViewpoint pays you to take surveys, providing small payments even for accurately filling in your name and age. Expected pay: pennies per answer Husl$core: $

  • Voxpopme


    Voxpopme pays consumers to answer survey questions and record short videos Expected pay: nominal Husl$core: $

  • Fusion Cash

    Fusion Cash

    Fusion Cash is a survey site that pays pennies for giving your opinion, if it pays you at all Expected pay: nominal Husl $core: $

  • Mechanical Turk

    Mechanical Turk

    Mechanical Turk enlists freelancers to complete “human intelligence tasks” (HITS) for pennies in pay Expected pay: pennies Husl $core: $