What: ChefsFeed connects chefs with customers who want to buy experiences ranging from online cooking classes to meals

Expected pay: You set it

Husl$core: $$$$$

Where: Nationwide

Commissions & fees: a 5% processing fee is added to the customer’s bill

Requirements: cooking experience.


ChefsFeed is a venue for foodies. Launched as a site where top chefs can recommend their favorite restaurants, the site evolved into a place to buy foodie experiences. The experiences currently range from take-out meals to online cooking classes. ChefsFeed is likely to offer more in-home meals and catered events when the pandemic is over.

Chefs design their own offerings and decide when and how to make them available. They also set the price and say what’s included. ChefsFeed simply markets the offerings via its website.

There’s no cost for cooks. But the site adds a 5% processing fee onto the customer’s bill for providing the platform and collecting payment. Chefs get 100% of the ticket price.

Pay and insurance

Chefs are paid on Tuesdays and Thursdays following an event. Largely thanks to the pandemic, many of the current offerings are online cooking classes, which can be attended via livestream or purchased as pre-taped classes.

ChefsFeed’s parent company, Tastemade, has insurance to cover these events. But the coverage is limited. The site urges chefs to buy their own commercial insurance coverage as well.

Cooks are in control

What we like best about this platform is that chefs have complete control over what they offer and who can gain access to it. You can, for instance, only allow customers to book your events if they’ve competed a profile. Or, you can make your events invite-only, available exclusively to those with passcodes.

And you set the price. That means you can fold in the cost of a cleaning fee and/or the cost of commercial liability and damage insurance, if you want to.

The ability to offer taped classes on the platform, also gives chefs the ability to earn continuing residual income. That’s a nice feature at a tough time for restaurants.


ChefsFeed is one of several great sites for cooks. If you’re a good cook who wants to earn money offering cooking classes or making meals, other sites to consider include DishDivvy, EatWith and CozyMeal. Those who prefer to teach cooking online can set up classes via Thinkific or Teachable