What: Complete surveys; participate in focus groups

Expected pay: $1 to $75 per hour

Husl $core: $$$

Where: Seattle; Portland; Las Vegas, though surveys can be completed from anywhere


If you happen to get selected for a focus group, you can make decent pay. But realize that these opportunities are rare and are most likely only going to occur if you happen to be located in one of the cities where this company has a physical presence. If you are anywhere else, you are likely to be simply filling out online surveys in exchange for “honorariums, coupons and gifts.” In other words, a very small amount of money. If you have time on your hands and don’t care how much the world knows about you, go for it. Otherwise, hit the $idehusl button at the top of the page, or “other options” at the bottom to search for something better. 

You can find other survey/focus group opportunities at FindFocusGroups; Shifrin-Hayworth, and SignUp Direct.

What their focus group participants say:

“So what you’re saying is that YOU want to give ME cash money dollars to sit around with a group of my “peers” and give my opinions of products?  I’ll just sit there and answer honestly and eat your free pretzels and sample some new beverage and tell you what I think of it? The leader will try to use his minor in Sociology to relate to us and try to extract the information he really wants from the information we give him? With a two-way mirror? And then you’ll give me $75? That sounds amazing and hilarious. And it is!”

“If I could give this business a zero I would. I have filled out several, if not dozens, of surveys over the years being promised to be invited to research survey opinion studies. In Minnesota I worked with a few companies like this, and at least 6 times I was offered in Minnesota to be involved with feedback groups. I have told this company over and over, but they just don’t seem to care.   Not once have I been called in to be interviewed or offered a chance to give feedback and contribute to their studies. I believe from my experiences that they are just trying to get people’s opinions for free. When I have called this company over 8 times following up after doing long Internet or email studies, they either don’t pick up their phone or give me false hope and encourage me to do more surveys online or over the phone to prequalify for their studies which I have never been included in. They duped me twice recently.  They promised to call back and follow up with me, and then they ignored me and even emails when I follow up with them again. I feel like I have been in an abusive relationship with this company because they have taken my opinions and information over and over again without ever giving me “promised” money. I am so done with this company. I thought being persistent worked, but not with them. Unsatisified!” (Note: The company responded to this review saying that it’s not bait-and-switch, but a screening process, where the client has final say on focus group participants. Sometimes, you don’t get picked.)

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