What: Write for pay (but first pay to play)

Expected pay: NA

Husl $core: $$

Where: National

Requirements: A computer; the ability to write clearly in English

Review: Contena does two things: it aggregates and sorts writing and editing listings from other sites; and it provides writing coaching services, so you can improve your ability to pitch and get jobs. For this, it charges a fairly substantial fee, which I frankly won’t list here because it changes if you balk at the price. But generally, let’s say it’s $50 a month. That’s fairly substantial considering that you can find all of the job listings that you can get from Contena elsewhere. (See our post on ProBlogger  and FreelanceWriting.com.) That said, if you need the coaching, it may make sense to sign up for a month or two.

FYI, the editor of this site, a guy named Kevin, will first tell you that there are no memberships currently available. And then he’ll spam you with BS about his “living the dream” that you, too, can have if you just subscribe to his service. Suddenly, they’ll find an opening and send you endless appeals to sign up — quick! — before the door closes again. Ahem. The only reason this site gets a Husl$core of $$ is some reviewers found the coaching valuable. If you don’t need coaching, you don’t need this site. And certainly don’t pay a fortune to sign up. Hold out for a discounted rate.

What their users say:

“I used it for about a month. It is basically a job board that collects postings from all around the Internet specifically for writing and editing jobs. There is also sections for posting submissions for publishing which is interesting. It is useful if you are incredibly motivated and take your freelancing very seriously. Also included is a training course which can bring you up to speed on starting your business.”

“Overall I discovered it wasn’t for me. Fortunately they are good with support and processing refunds with the 30 day guarantee.”

Kay Writes Stuff did a more detailed review, after trying the site for a month.

And, CGFreelancing does a very detailed report on Contena here. 


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