Tell us about your best or worst side hustle experience and you may win a prize.

We’re launching a contest to compile real life stories of what it’s like to side hustle through an online platform, such as Uber, Lyft — or any of the 300 others now reviewed on SideHusl. We invite you to enter by describing your best or worst experience. 

Did the online platform live up to its promises? Did it pay your fairly and on time? Or did it boot you from the platform and abscond with your earnings? We’ve heard plenty of stories that range from raves to rage, but we’d like to hear more.

If your contest essay — it can be a paragraph or multiple pages — is judged a winner, you will receive a gift card and we’ll publish your story.

Two first prizes of $100 Amazon gift cards will be awarded — one to the person with a story about a great experience; the other to the person with the most compelling story about their bad experience.

Second and third place winners (in both best and worst experience categories), will receive $50 and $25 gift cards, respectively. Odds of winning depend on the number of entries received. But, if we receive an unusual number of good entries, we will add additional prizes.

Know that details count. Be sure to note in your entry when you worked for the side hustle platform and specifically why you loved or hated the experience. Judges will consider accuracy and clarity, as well as your presentation.

Let your personality shine through, no matter whether you’re humorous or hot-headed.

Contest Rules:

* Entries should be emailed to with “contest” in the subject bar.

* Write your entry in the body of the email and send it before midnight, April 2, 2020.

* If you wish to submit both a “best” and “worst” story, submit them in separate entries/emails.

* Each entry must include what platform you worked with; when (month and year); and for roughly how long.

* You may not be an employee or affiliate of that platform. (Naturally, you should have been an independent contractor who worked through that platform. But if you are a member of the platform’s staff or earn money for recommending that platform, your entry will be disqualified.)

* The platform you write about does not have to be one that we have reviewed on SideHusl, however it does need to still be in business.

* Judging will be done by SideHusl’s staff and advisors.

* Winners will be notified by May 1.

* Decisions of the judges are final.

Good luck!