What: Deliv arranges same day deliveries for goods, ranging from packages to flowers and food, paying drivers $10 to $22 per hour

Expected pay: $10 – $12 an hour, plus mileage and tips

Husl $core: $$$

Where: Major U.S. Cities


  • 18 or older (21 in some states)
  • Android or iPhone with a good data plan (assignments are given over your phone, as are directions, etc.)
  • A reliable car, year 2000 or later, that seats 4
  • Auto insurance
  • Be in good physical shape and able to lift packages weighing as much as 50 pounds.


Deliv doesn’t officially disclose its base pay until drivers sign a contract, which includes their “contracted hourly block rate.” However, thanks to the wonders of YouTube, some drivers have spilled the beans, noting that they are paid between $10 and $12 per hour,  plus mileage and tips. But before you think “that sounds great” and sign up, realize that the “contracted block rate” is not really an hourly wage. 

Deliv drivers are paid for their time on task — not time committed — plus delivery miles and tips. To clarify, your contract may say that you get a minimum pay of $10 per hour worked. You might imagine that means that when you commit to a five-hour block, that means you’ll make a minimum of $50. Not so. If you only have deliveries scheduled in three of those five hours, that’s all you get paid for. So, in this case, your base would be $30, plus mileage, plus tips.

If you are sent to pick up or deliver items somewhere that requires paid parking, you are on your own for the parking fees — or any parking tickets you might incur. On the bright side, Deliv offers supplemental insurance if your auto insurance doesn’t cover something or if the claim against you exceeds the limits of your policy. However, you must have a basic policy for it to apply.

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What their drivers say:

(Driver comments — these from Indeed.com — are edited solely for grammar, clarity and space.)

“For those who like to drive, this is a great job. It is very easy to get hours as long as you are flexible with when you want to work. The management lets drivers know what hours they want more drivers. It is not a very sociable job with fellow employees or management. You get tasks over text and only see fellow employees at a few common retail pick up spots. Overall Deliv is a really good company to work for and easy to work with.”

“Very few hours, There is no way to earn good money. There is no guarantee of orders and delivery. You are booked as many hours (maximum 20 hours) and they might give you only 2-6 hours a week, or perhaps no orders all week. Almost no one leaves tips.”

 “I have been working at Deliv part-time (Less than a year). The work is very easy. No purchasing — you just go to your assigned store and pick up your packages. I committed my days to this company, but hours vary. Sometimes its so bad you might only get 3 or 4 hours in a week. Also no tips or bonuses to encourage work during bad weather or busy days, and there are times you may be required to pick up heavy packages with no warning. This can be hard if you’re going into a big mall for pick up.”


Here’s a great YouTube video on how you get paid with Deliv:

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