What: Delivery Drivers Inc. hires delivery drivers to work for a wide array of partner companies, from Walmart’s delivery service — Spark — to medical offices

Expected pay: $5 average per delivery, plus tip

Husl$core: $$$

Commissions & fees: NA

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: 18 or older


In most markets, Delivery Drivers Inc. relies on customers’ tips to make the job worthwhile for drivers. A company spokeswoman says that “efficient” drivers can complete 2.5 deliveries in an hour; a “less efficient” driver would complete 1.5 deliveries per hour. Average pay is a $5 delivery fee, plus an $8 tip.

That means the guaranteed portion of your pay would range from $7.50 to $12.50 per hour. But that’s before expenses. Since you’re using your own car, paying for your own gasoline and repairs, those “inefficient” jobs would only pay minimum wage if the consumer tipped generously.

Drivers are independent contractors, theoretically working for themselves, so not subject to minimum wage laws.

However, DDI’s California drivers are subject to the state’s newly-passed Proposition 22, which guarantees that they earn at least 120% of the minimum wage for “engaged hours.” That’s likely to make driving for DDI far more lucrative in the state.

However, engaged hours don’t work like scheduled hours at a job. Engaged hours are hours when the driver is signed on to the app and is actively following its instructions to pick up people or things. Instead of being on the clock for four hours straight, for example, you might only be “engaged” for an hour; have a 45 minute gap and then be engaged for another stretch of time. The key to making a decent hourly wage with this system is to keep those gaps as small as possible.

DDI is Walmart’s delivery partner

DDI doesn’t deliver for itself. Instead, it handles the logistics for other companies that need deliveries. These companies range from DDI’s biggest partner — Walmart Spark — to medical and legal offices, auto parts stories, restaurants and others. The site says there’s so much work that DDI will be adding 140,000 drivers this year. 

However, driver reviews indicate that the amount of work and real wages may depend on where you live and how convenient that is to the stores and restaurants that serve as a starting point for most deliveries.

What their users say (from Indeed)

I’ve only been driving for Walmart Spark for 2 full days. I made over $200 those 2 days. I also earned 2 bonuses today. No boss, you pick your times, and the money is great. This is a fun job and go out twice a day for several hours. The first time for the money and the second time because I’m bored. (Reviewer is in Arizona)

“Personally I feel that they hire too many drivers for a particular area which limits the amount of money that the OGs can make or at least the drivers that customers love to see regularly as I have customers tell me that they love it when I deliver to them compared to the other drivers. What I don’t like is seeing other drivers have orders back to back while I have nothing and attempting to refresh the page repeatedly, other issues that I dislike is battling for the next order which is extremely unfair if you’re driving on the road once done with an order.” (Reviewer is in Texas)

“Great money as long as you are a current driver. When they hire new people old drivers go down to the bottom and don’t get as many hours so money goes way down. “(Reviewer is in Louisiana)

“I started this job a few weeks ago for extra income and didn’t really know what to expect. After my first delivery, I was hooked! Fun and easy! I make between $500-$850 a week but I put the hours in 7 days a week. I get delivery requests every hour!! I’m my own boss and it’s great!” (Reviewer is in Illinois)

From Glassdoor

“This doesn’t rack up the miles that other delivery driving does so I highly recommend that aspect. May only operate during standard business hours; not a lot of flexibility if you have commitments during lunch time; money isn’t super great, only supplemental.”

“Increase pay because driving is not an easy job. It takes all of your concentration and no breaks. You use your own car, so repairs stack up. Pay is about 12 an hour which is before taxes so actually about $9 or $10 an hour.”
“Okay to do in your spare time as you can toggle your availability on or off. Ability to personally text dispatch with concerns or needs is good and feels personal.”

“Incredibly disorganized – regularly dispatch drivers to closed businesses and do not compensate for wasted time. Almost no jobs – expect to wait at least an hour between orders on average. Not transparent – regularly send texts urging delivery drivers to sign on implying that there is a lot of work available, when there is one delivery available at most.”

“You might not get orders. Driver takes all the risk. Required to wear uniform. Some days even if you get an order most days at lunch you only may get one. My fist day working with them was 12.00 dollars. Last two days no orders. Managers keep the best orders and dispatch themselves.”

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