What: Deliver meals for Eat24 (a division of GrubHub)

Expected pay: $5-$10 per hour

Husl$core: $$

Commissions & fees: NA

Where: Most major U.S. cities

Requirements: Be 19+ years of age (21+ in Chicago); have two+ years driving experience; own an iPhone with iOS 8 or higher OR an Android with 4.0 or higher (With data plan). Drivers must have a valid driver’s license and auto insurance. Bikers must have a valid state ID. Have a checking account for direct deposit and pass a background check.

Review: Eat24 is now a division of GrubHub, which generally pays drivers $5 per delivery, plus tip. There is a guaranteed pay rate of $10 per hour. However, it only appears to apply if you accept all the delivery requests during your shift. Since some of those delivery requests may be outside of your geographic range, the guarantee may be illusive. Also be careful of deliveries that include alcohol, since the driver is supposed to check the recipient’s age and refuse delivery if they’re not old enough. That said, we rate this option slightly lower than GrubHub because customer reviews were so bad, complaining of late deliveries and dropped orders. To be sure, you’re the driver, not the customer. But the customer is the one providing a tip. So, if the customer is unhappy with the app, you’re likely to get stiffed.

Some better opportunities in the delivery space include Amazon Flex and Caviar.


What their workers say: (from Glassdoor)

The company is a joke, there’s no real backbone. The app itself is garbage. Short staffed because of the recent Grubhub merge, we lost so many reps with tenure and the company is falling fast. There’s no opportunity to move up, the pay is garbage and the hours are the worst

From Indeed (GrubHub delivery driver reviews)

Some jurisdictions permit the ordering and delivery of alcoholic beverages. In such jurisdictions, if you place an order that includes any alcoholic beverage, you represent and warrant that you are at least 21 years of age. Upon delivery or pickup, as applicable, you shall present a government-issued identification card, evidencing your age, consistent with applicable legal requirements. If you do not comply with these terms, you agree that the alcoholic beverage(s) will not be released to you, and you may forfeit the cost of such beverages.

Every shift is the same thing over and over again. You pick a shift of your choice, as long as it’s available you will get it. Orders will be sent to your phone and basically it’s first come first serve. If you accept the order fast enough, it will tell you information about the customer, what they ordered and where from. It automatically gives you directions with any compatible GPS app of your choice. You’re given a certain time to pick the food up by and same for dropping it off. It’s fairly quick and easy. The part i dislike about this job is they only pay you for driving straight through to the customer’s house. Also, they don’t pay for mileage. And sometimes you don’t get tipped, it all depends on the customer and the area you’re delivering to. Management isn’t really involved unless they have to be, which is fairly nice. I guess the most enjoyable part of the job I would say is being able to be by myself and work when I want to work. I recommend wearing your grubhub shirt because restaurant workers will notice you right away and notice exactly why you’re there. This is not something you could live off of, unless you’re willing to put forth 60+ hours per week.

My issues with grub hub are: 1)They can send you to businesses that are CLOSED and no matter how far away you drove, you get no kind of reimbursement for it. 2)Some orders get cancelled while you’re on the way to the restaurant or already there. 3)They will keep sending you in areas you’ve stated you don’t like, or send you orders you’ve already rejected before(which hurts your acceptance rate)4. Either they haven’t explained to the restaurants or they just don’t care, but the food will be sitting there for a while and you can be outside waiting and they don’t mark it “ready for pickup” until after you’ve already got it.5. .50 a mile is rather skimpy, especially when they can send you on deliveries over 15-20 minutes from your location and you don’t get paid for it.6. They can send you to get orders that are already late or past the delivery window, so you have to deal with the upset customers because they think its your fault.

What i like: 1.flexibility(that’s why majority of us sign up) 2. Potentially can make $350-400 a week (I’ve done so but it was only one week out of the couple of months I’ve been here) 3. Fast & easy work. It doesn’t even seem like you’re working imo.

This is a job that supplements my income by allowing me to work very pt hours and receive a decent amount of compensation, BUT after about 6 months, i don’t feel it will be worth it anymore.

This company was great. I don’t know what has happened to it since all of the changes. They do not value their drivers. I have had constant issues with my program stats being manipulated, so I could never make either pro or premier driver. My attendance would reflect from previous weeks ago as it being current. Also, they will send you offers 1-2 minutes before it is time for your block to end.. and that’s if you are lucky to even get any shifts because they all disappear within 15 seconds after being released. It’s like everything is a competition in this company. The driver specialist is not worth anything more than just a vacancy being filled in by a ghost.. need I say anymore?

As a contracting driver, they will treat you like you are an employee but you do not get any benefits or anything. They have a driver specialist which in true reality is your boss. In addition, gas, oil change, car maintenance will be on you. Grubhub does not provide any incentives for their drivers contractors. For example as an employee they get 401 k free lunch, healthcare, and paid time off. Driver do not get anything, not even help if your car breaks down. They pass the cost of doing business to all their drivers contractors and do not care about drivers. If you do get a guarantee for 10.00 an hour that does not include the price of doing business they will send you 10-20 minutes away to get a mere 3.25 dollar order. In addition at the end of the year, you will have to pay taxes on the little earnings that you accrued during the year. Do not waste time or subsidized this company as they are only there to get as many drivers on the road because they don’t have to pay any benefits. Warning your car will be destroyed.

I’m so frustrated with this company, I think I am going to switch to uber eats. 

Not worth the miles and wear on your car. They stiff you on the “guarantted 10$/hr” by giving you deliveries 10 miles away that only pay out 3 dollars. I worked a whole day and declined an offer 13 miles away from my current spot. Well when you decline it, they take away all the contribution pay. So because I clicked no my daily pay dropped by $30 dollars!!Complete waste of time, not worth the miles on your car and not to mention their “driver support” is complete garbage. Have a problem? You have to email them and wait up to 5 days to get a response.

Bottom line they don’t care about you and set up their system to take away contribution pay. I worked a full day just to earn 40 dollars because they took away contribution from a delivery i didn’t want to drive over 15 miles for! (Multiple times!!)

Paid awful considering how many miles you put on your car and how much money goes towards gas. You only get paid from the food place to the residential house. You don’t get paid for the trip from where you are to the restaurant. You also have to wait on the food and rarely ever get tips. A lot of scummy people, and grubhub pays minimum 10/hr if you keep a rating higher than their selected percentage and it is sometimes hard to accept all your orders when you’re taking the busy shifts. Only worth it when you work dead times.

Experienced delivery driver. They have a terrible scheduling system and their algorithm system where the order is given to the driver is always beyond the distance (3-4 miles) from the starting point to the restaurant address.Car stress is heavy in this line of work; causing tires to wear out, multiple gas refills every week, wheel alignments from constant curb hits in hidden roads or potholes. Car insurances is not polite with this line of work as it requires drivers to have personal/commercial policies which can be expensive thus making any profits earned from GH more difficult.Pros are you have no boss and work independently. Tips can range (on a busy day) $5-$20. Got to explore new areas and restaurants.

GH is only good to make an extra buck but definitely NOT recommended to work full time just 10-15 hours a week.

Work your own hours, and the pay depends on where you live, where i live now its a busy area, so for me is great. At lease i make $11 and hour thats ok. And the most i make is $25/h all depends on restaurant, how long they take. They also offer bonuses when no to many drivers around. Yesterday the pay was $6 per delivery and that was great for me. I’m very happy working here, i know is as a contractor but is extra money, on my own hours, my own days. I love it.

You must know how to fix cars to make this profitable. You need a good system to get the cheapest cost per mile on your end.


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