What: Glyde is a site where you can trade in a used Samsung or Apple phone for another used phone in good condition.

Expected pay: NA

Husl$core: $$

Commissions & fees: NA 

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: Have electronics to sell and be truthful in your dealings on the site


Glyde used to be a marketplace where consumers who have phones, electronics, or games to sell could sell them directly to other consumers.  However the site is under new ownership and now simply offers to trade in your used Samsung or Apple phones for one of theirs.

However, a test of the site indicates that you’re not going to get the best deal here. The trade-in value of a relatively new iPhone Xr at Glyde was $235. The same phone had an average sale price of $400 at Swappa and $300 at ItsWorthMore.

Assessing a phone’s value

Importantly, too, one of the long-standing complaints about Glyde is that the site doesn’t ask enough questions to properly value your phone. Thus, many sellers got unpleasantly surprised by a new — lower — offer when they sent in their phones. We experienced the same issue when testing it this week. ItsWorthMore wanted to know whether a charger cable and other accessories were included in the sale; Glyde didn’t think to ask. 

Our top recommendation for selling a cell phone remains Swappa, which allows you to sell directly to other buyers. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of negotiating with buyers directly, price compare between MaxBack, ItsWorthMore and TheWhizCells. These three sites are all competitive, but the site making the best offer will depend on what type of phone you’re selling and when. 

What their users say: From Reseller Ratings:

“Buyer got my phone and in one day send it back to me. Described it as my phone is not in excellent condition cuz it has little burn-in on the bottom which u can see only in black screen, Glyde didn’t offer extra space to describe such thing. And I were selling my phone for $100, it’s unlocked and everything is working. So I waste my time on that website, waiting my phone back since 11th May”

“I used to give my old phones away, but I sold my old Samsung that has been sitting on my shelf for over a year through Glyde. Listed it, determined the price was about right, sold in a few days. Buyer checked it out, approved it, money deposited and now withdrawn. THIS is the beauty of the internet. Glyde gets a commission, buyer gets a phone and I get a nice dinner out. Everyone wins.”

“I Sold 2 phones through them. One the customer did not want, so they returned it. But they did not send my charger back and they have yet to resolve the issue and it has been weeks. Many unanswered emails, and the ones they did respond to were vague such as “Let us check with our partner and we will get back to you”. It is UNBELIEVABLE they would treat a client like this. The second phone I sold went smoothly and money was deposited in my account. Later (past their 72-hour period) the money was retracted from my account. Their response was the buyer later said they had issues with the sound quality of the phone. Keep in mind this was after the sale was finalized. BUYER/SELLER BEWARE!”

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