What: Hires.Today is a scam site that advertises on Facebook, purporting to find you contract writing, web development, data entry and social media jobs

Expected pay: You pay them before you get access to their supposedly high-paying jobs

Husl $core: $

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: Be a gullible person with internet access and a credit card, who believes everything posted on Facebook is true.


Big, attractive advertisements on Facebook proclaim that you can earn $50 an hour as a content creator! Even more if you want to do social media or data entry. “No experience required!” You knew these claims were BS, didn’t you?

But, there it is on Facebook, begging you to take it seriously. If you sign up, they’ll take your credit card information and charge you. And probably keep charging you until you successfully dispute the charges with your credit card company. If you call to find out what happened to the wealth of data entry jobs that Hires.Today promised, you’ll find out that the company’s phone number has been “changed or disconnected.” Ahem. This is a scam. Stay away.

Sorry to have sidetracked your job search, but if you were considering Hires.Today, we felt we needed to waive you away. You can check out the wealth of real work opportunities here.

What people who have tried it say:

Offers no jobs, even after you pay. I tested it with a pre-paid card and received no job offers, then watched fraudulent charges try to charge to the empty card.

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