What: HitchIt has become truly a ride-sharing company, connecting drivers with other commuters going in the same direction who want to share costs

Expected pay: NA

Husl $core: $$

Commissions & Fees: NA


  • Be 18 or older
  • Have a reliable car or truck, with enough extra space to carry things
  • Auto insurance
  • A smart phone — iPhone or Android


Like Roadie, what HitchIt has going for it is the assumption that you’re already on the road and headed in a particular direction. If so, why not see if there’s something you can pick up on the way to defray your cost of gas?

If that’s how you use this app, it could be great. But when the gig isn’t truly on your way, there’s not enough money involved in picking things up to make it worth your while. Most of the time, delivery jobs are listed for less than $20. 

If you want to make a living doing deliveries, there are a lot of better options.

For those with a truck, consider GoShare or Truxx.   Amazon Flex is the best choice for those with a car or van.

Those who don’t mind driving kids around (and can pass a thorough background check) should consider Ride Zum and Kango.

If you want to drive pets and furniture, CitizenShipper, which arranges on-the-way deliveries of furniture and pets is the best option. Truckers set their own rates and/or negotiate with the shipper. And the site has a nice tool to show other jobs that might be on your route. 

What their drivers say: 

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