How Joust Works

All side hustlers need three things: a bank account, a good invoicing system, and a way to ensure that clients will pay you. Joust does all three.

How it works

Download the Joust application on your Apple or Android smartphone. You then set up an account, which gives you access to a FDIC-insured bank account, combined with a merchant account that allows you to take payments via credit card, ACH, debit card — you name it.

Joust also gives you access to a dashboard with analytics and invoicing tools. Finally, you get PayArmour™️ which can give you the ability to receive same-day funding for your unpaid invoices — a handy feature if you happen to be cash-strapped one month.

Co-founded by banking and fintech experts, the company believes in providing self-employed individuals with financial freedom. That allows you to stay focused on your goals and achieve your dreams.

The cost

Setting up the account is free. However, Joust charges for some transactions. Specifically:

  • Transaction fees for payments received: 2.9% per credit card transaction, and 1% per ACH
  • PayArmour costs 1% to 6% to guarantee funding of your invoices. The precise fee depends on how quickly you want to be paid.

Your discount

But, if you sign up via this link from SideHusl, you’ll get a $250 credit to offset these fees.

Try Joust!


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