What: Kanga is a delivery service that has a smart-phone app so glitchy that it’s practically unusable. The site’s terms are equally obtuse. 

Expected Pay: unavailable

Rating: $

Where: Atlanta


  • Clean driving record
  • Own a reliable vehicle (bike, car, SUV, van or truck)
  • Current registration & Driver’s License
  • 21 years old or older


Kanga is supposed to be a last-mile delivery service. However, the app that fuels its service is so glitchy that users say they have to re-download it every few months. And the site has so little information about what it does and for whom that we’re not certain that it’s really operating. There was no information about how much drivers could expect to make or the pay formula. And no one at the site responded to emails. Perhaps Kanga’s contact form is as glitchy as its app. If this site is still operating, we’d suggest you avoid it. 

Better options? If you have the ability to lift heavy items and have a truck, consider Citizen ShipperTruxx, or Amazon Flex

What their drivers say: 

“White screen …The service is great, having to always reinstall is getting to be a very bad problem; having to fight for your money is worse!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Help I’m trying to sign up to be a driver and I’m getting an error every time I try to sign in saying I’m not a driver. But when I register everything is going through. Appreciate the help in advance and I’ll correct the rating afterwards.”

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