What: Kouzina allows home cooks to make and market home-cooked meals for pick up, operating primarily in Canada

Expected pay: You set the prices

Husl$core: $$$

Commissons & Fees: 12%

Where: Toronto and Ontario, Canada

Requirements: Obtain and maintain all necessary licenses, certificates, required insurance, and legal permissions (including applicable food handling requirements, business licenses, zoning requirements, health and safety inspections, fire codes and to the extent applicable, the collection and remittance of sales taxes)


Kouzina is only about a year old, launching in Toronto in September of 2017. That makes it too soon to accumulate valid reviews from chefs.

However, like the other cook-at-home opportunities, this allows home cooks to make and market home-cooked meals for pick up. The site collects payment and passes on the cook’s portion through PayPal. Cooks set their own prices and are able to cook as often — or rarely — as they’d like.

If a customer cancels within 24 hours of the meal, the cook has the right to keep their money. (Though, you can choose to repay the customer’s purchase price, if you want.) You decide what to cook; when it will be available and how customers can arrange for pick up. You pay 12% of the meal’s price to Kouzina and any applicable PayPal fees to get access to your cash.

In absence of cook reviews, we can only rate this opportunity based on its rules, which are reasonable and par for the course among cook-at-home options. It’s not a stand-out, like Dish Divvy, where cooks get hands-on direction and marketing help, nor does it have the reach of EatWith. But still appears to be a reasonable choice for home cooks in the applicable Canadian markets.

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