February side hustles capitalize on Valentine’s Day, the Super Bowl and the long President’s Day weekend — events that boost demand for rentals, drivers, and hosts. 

How can you best make money with February side hustles? Here are 14 websites that can help you profit this month.

Super Bowl

If you live in or near Atlanta, you’d be wise to list your home on Airbnb or VRBO and then plan on skipping town for the weekend. Airbnb hosts in Atlanta are making as much as $2,000 per night — up from regular rates of roughly $150 per night — by renting out their homes to Super Bowl attendees, according to Airbnb Watch. Airbnb Watch, a group critical of the house-sharing app, considers this “gouging,” but it’s normal to boost prices when demand peaks.

However, getting $2,000 per night for your rental is a long-shot. Two and three-bedroom homes in downtown Atlanta were listed for rates ranging from $350 to $1,000 per night on both Airbnb and VRBO. Notably, too, hosts don’t get 100% of the money. The sites take commissions amounting to 3% to 20%.

You don’t necessarily need to skip town to make money off the Super Bowl, either.

If you have a spare car, you may be able to rent it to tourists through a website called Turo.  Marek Ziebinski uses a simple strategy to keep his cars rented: He surveys the rates charged by competitors, such as Budget and Enterprise, and lists his cars for rent at a slightly lower price.  Like rental rates for hotel rooms and vacation homes, Atlanta car rental prices have spiked for the big game. Enterprise is advertising compact car rentals for $67 per day. Budget was charging about $50 per day. Turo will take a 10% to 35% cut of your rental fees in exchange for advertising your car and providing supplimental insurance through the site.

Don’t have a spare car, but you do have open space in your stadium-close driveway or garage? You can rent that too. Three sites— PavemintCurbFlip and ParqEx — all allow you to list your parking spot for rent.

Drivers needed everywhere

Naturally, plenty of party-goers will be using Uber and Lyft in the Atlanta area — as well as anywhere that people might be getting together for a Super Bowl party. We’ll call that everywhere.

Normally, driving isn’t a particularly lucrative side hustle. Numerous studies say that drivers earn slightly more than minimum wage once you deduct expenses (gas, tolls, wear and tear on your vehicle). But when demand is high, drivers can earn surge pricing, which boosts your earnings. That can make it worthwhile to drive partygoers before and after the big game.

President’s Day

Not Super Bowl-adjacent? President’s Day provides another opportunity to rent your vacation home. Two types of vacation homes are likely to prove particularly popular during the long weekend — those in warm tourist havens far from the polar vortex and those near ski resorts.

In addition to listing on sites like Airbnb and VRBO, people with mountain and coastal vacation homes might want to consider listing with MountainSkiRentals, Coast Rentals and FlipKey. Keep an eye on the fees these sites charge you when you are figuring your pricing, however. Some take their fees primarily out of your rent, while others profit by charging booking fees to the consumer.

Valentine’s Day

Fewer Americans plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, according to the National Retail Federation. However, the 50% who do are likely to spend more than ever. Per-person spending on the holiday is expected to hit $161.96, according to the NRF’s annual survey. That’s up from $143.56 last year.

The other big trend: Instead of buying flowers and candy, an increasing number of respondents said they planned to buy “an experience.” Not surprisingly, those who are willing to create that experience can make some decent money.

Chefs who want to advertise a special Valentine meal can market their services on EatWith, for instance. Hosts determine the menu, the day and time it’s available, how many people can be accommodated and the price. EatWith marks up your charge by 13% to pay the site’s commission. Valentine’s Day meals listed in Los Angeles were priced between $114 and $120 per person. Meals in New York ranged from $80 to $100. Assuming the site commission and supplies cost $30 to $40 per person, that’s a tidy $40 to $90 per person profit, multiplied by the number of seats booked at your table. 

If you’re not a great cook, but have a romantic space, you can advertise it on Splacer, PeerSpace and ThisOpenSpace for rent by the hour. Hosts can decide whether they’re simply offering the deck at a romantic beach house for rent, or if they’re coupling it with cocktails, hors d’oeuvres or a meal. Again, you set the timing and the rate and pay a commission to the site for advertising your event space.