What: Managed by Q provides work in cleaning and office maintenance and has a partner network with electricians, plumbers, heating & air specialist, painters, IT professionals, security services, who can work with Managed by Q clients.

Expected pay: Varies by job

Husl$core: $$$$

Where: New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Boston

Requirements: Experience in the type of work you’re applying for; other requirements vary


Managed by Q offers two different types of flexible work options. One is to work for the site itself as a commercial office cleaner. The other is to join the site’s partner network. Both appear to be better than average opportunities.

Let’s start with working in office maintenance directly for the site. Unlike working through Handy, Managed by Q actually hires its cleaners and makes a point of paying them a bit more than minimum wage and providing benefits, such as paid time off and a 401(k) retirement plan. Cleaning and office maintenance are not among the world’s top paying professions, but as far as cleaning jobs go, this isn’t bad.

Just the fact that you’re an employee means that you’re paying 7.65% less of your wages in Social Security and Medicare taxes. And, though earning one hour of time off for each 30 that you work may not sound like a ton, it’s a heck of a lot better than zero, which is what you get with most other cleaning platforms.

The site also has a “partner network” made up of companies that provide services to Managed by Q’s clients. These services can range from electrical and plumbing work, to technology, security and staffing. The site does not charge contractors to register as partners, but will levy a commission if the contractor finds work through the Q network. The precise commission apparently varies and the site would not disclose the range. However, Managed by Q charges 20% of pay if a client directly hires one of its contractors, so it’s likely that the fee is in that 20% range. This is competitive with other sites that offer marketing for a commission and we found no complaints from contractors, which is a good sign.

What their workers say:

(From Glassdoor)

Most shifts are only overnight. Training paid at $10/hr after training you get to your regular salary of 12.50 if your a cleaner. Just work hard and focus

Cleaner in Sf 15.00 hr .Let’s face it we are janitors, not operators . Benefits great. If you don’t mind working nights . Great workout. Fast paced.

Selling your brand with great benefits does not mean you ignore certain issues. Orientation is a good sell until you are hit with the reality that you must deal with cleaning a huge office must be perfect and right after that jump on to your next office coming home at 3 am and doing this Mon-Fri. Q sides more with the client then cleaner . I don’t want to be yelled at by a supervisor after I have cleaned all night.

Within the 3 years I have worked for Q I have had 4 promotions. Also I have learned so many new things that I never knew. Full support from all ends, when you speak someone is always there to listen. I love how everyone work together as a team, we all have the same goals for the company. Great benefits for all employees. Commutation within the company is excellent.

It’s a growing company, offers great benefits, room for growth in the company great caring workers. But the lower employees are a bit neglected, high turnover rate.

A hard-working team, really committed to making Q’s “good jobs philosophy” a success by ensuring all employees earn a decent wage and have access to solid benefits (health, 401k, paid holidays, sick leave) – no matter if you’re a cleaner or an engineer.Work/life balance for some of some Services team members is non-existent. Although I think there is a personal grade of responsibility here, I encourage the company to look into this. People do burnout.

They only give you a quarter raise every six months