Job: Mr. Delivery is a food delivery service that essentially allows drivers to work for tips, providing no base pay when there are no deliveries

Pay: $0 – $12 per hour

Husl$core: $


    • You must be over the age of 21
    • Have your own car
    • Have auto insurance
    • Pass a background check


How do you spell “exploitive”? Mr. Delivery. There is no base pay, so you can sign on to deliver, get no orders and just sit there….waiting, hoping, earning nothing. The absolute best reviews we could find on this site gave tepid praise for the job’s “flexibility.” Panhandling is also flexible, and you’re likely to make more money.

Much better opportunities are available through Caviar, Grub Hub, Favor Delivery or Deliv.

What their drivers say:

(These comments from are edited solely for grammar, clarity and space.)

“As a driver you get paid in tips only which usually compensates for the gas you’ve used driving around town all day. You get paid weekly but a minimum of $25 is taken out every week due to “delivery fees and other.” I drove around town for 6 hours over the course of 2 days only to make $42 before fees and $18 after “delivery fees.” I used that [windfall] for gas used while driving around for those 6 hours.”

“No sick days, no pay if there is no business.”

“On average I made around $9 an hour. But there is NO compensation for gas. So a big chunk goes towards gas everyday. Your miles also rack up very fast, but that’s expected.”

“There are many times there is no work. Up to an hour some days that you’ll be waiting. No work, no pay.”

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