What: PayMeForDriving pays drivers to wrap their car with advertising, but it’s only available in St. Louis and St. Charles, Missouri.

Expected pay: highly variable

Husl$core: $$

Commissions & fees: NA

Where: St. Louis & St. Charles, MO


Be over 18; have a clean driving and criminal record and a unblemished car.


PayMeForDriving is one of several marketing firms that propose to slather your vehicle with advertising in exchange for pay. The difference between this company and others, though, is that PayMeForDriving only operates in a small geographic area in Missouri.

The company is also obtuse about exactly how much it pays drivers. It says it will tell you the pay if or when you are chosen for an advertising campaign. Meanwhile, it tells advertisers that they can pay for their campaigns via “commission,” flat fee or “recurring,” depending on your budget. We’re somewhat concerned about what a commission-based pay structure would look like for drivers, given that it’s tough to know whether someone responded to an ad on your particular car.

Similar firms such as Wrapify and Carvertise have models that either promise to pay based on the miles you drive or based on a flat-fee each month, which we believe are more attractive for the driver.


If you want to make money wrapping your car with ads, we’d suggest you check out Wrapify (our top choice), Carvertise and MyFreeCar. If you happen to be in St. Louis, there’s no reason not to sign up here too. But because of PayMeForDriving’s limited geographic reach and lack of notable advertisers, we think you’re unlikely to find work here.

What their drivers say

Several bloggers mention that PayMeForDriving exists and does what other car-advertising companies do, but we were unable to find a single person who had gotten a gig through the site. If you have, please contact us or comment here and let us know how it worked out.