What: PreOwned Wedding Dresses allows you to sell your new or used wedding dress, bridesmaid, mother-of-the-bride or flower-girl dress

Expected pay: NA

Husl$core: $$$$$

Commissions and fees: $25 for bridal gowns; $5 for everything else

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: Wedding-related products to sell and the legal right to sell them


PreOwned Wedding Dresses is likely to be the first (non-paid) site to come up when you Google-search “sell a wedding dress,” which is a signifiant advantage. However, other top-rated sites on SideHusl, including Still White and OnceWed, score highly enough in Google search to still generate plenty of traffic.

Like StillWhite, PreOwned Wedding Dresses will maintain a sales listing on the site for as long as it takes to sell. However, to avoid stale listings, the site requires you to verify that your dress is still for sale at least once every six months. According to the company’s terms and conditions, you could also list a dress for rent on the site. However, the site’s navigation has no “rent” option, so it would not be recommended for that purpose.

Sellers must give their buyers an option for a secured sale — via PayPal or Escrow.com — but doesn’t dictate which secure payment method you use. (Still White and OnceWed have preferred vendors.) A number of retailers list on the site, which is a sign that it’s effective in drawing buyers.

Multiple benefits

Other benefits of this site: A wedding dress calculator that can help you determine what price to list your dress for sale; a vibrant market for your bridesmaid dresses (which may drive more traffic/buyers to the site); a nice sorting tool that highlights dresses by style and gives brides advice on the type of dress that might look best on them.

If you want to “refresh” your listing — get it featured in new advertisements on the cover of the site — you can do that for an additional $5 fee. At $25, PreOwned Wedding Dresses is only slightly more expensive than a standard listing on the other sites. Our impression is that slightly higher fee may be worth the cost. The tools, traffic and advice provided by this site lands PreOwned Wedding Dresses earns our top score in the category.


If you’re anxious to sell your dress quickly and for a good price, we’d suggest listing here and the other two top-rated sites:  Still White and OnceWed. Wedding dresses are pretty unique, which makes them harder to sell. So don’t worry if you don’t get an immediate bite.

What their users say:

“I used this website in order to sell a bridesmaid dress that I knew I wouldn’t wear again. It was only $5 to list and I was able to leave the listing up until it sold. The listing was easy to do and after a little over 8 months, and a suggested price drop I finally had someone interested. We communicated via the website e-mail system, they paid me via paypal, and that was it! A great way to make sure your dress goes to someone who will actually use it rather than donate to a thrift store since so much of what is donated is simply recycled or thrown away.”

“When searching for a website to sell my bridesmaid dress on I felt that preownedweddingdresses.com provided the best shopping experience and selling my dress was a breeze. It was easy to connect with the buyer and I sold my dress within 48 hours of posting it.”

“The overall posting experience was easy and clear! I appreciated that it didn’t take me forever to post my gown, but instead only about 10 minutes. My dress didn’t sell as quickly as I would have liked (I posted in March/April and it sold Sept/Oct), but it DID sell! For that I’m so grateful! I’m so happy that there is an easy and seamless way for us brides a way to get some money back on our gowns!”