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New rules in the European Union have websites all over the world telling their readers how their personal information is used. That’s because many sites collect and sell your data (generally to marketing firms that want to sell you something else). We don’t.

If you get our weekly emails, it means that you provided an email address, which we store to send you weekly blasts about new information on our site. That’s all the data we collect and the only thing we do with it.

We do use Google analytics, which tracks whether you are a new user on our site and whether you used a keyword to find us, among other things. However, that’s Google tracking — not us. (Google knows everything, by the way. It’s kinda scary. We hope they use their powers for good.)

We greatly appreciate our readers. We will always try to provide you with unique and useful information so you’ll want to come back. We will not spam you. We will not betray your trust by tracking you around the internet and then parsing and selling that information so that some marketer can sell you handbags or athletic shoes. We know it happens; we just don’t intend to participate. 

That’s it. No tricks. No caveats. It’s your personal information. You decide what to do with it.

Thank you for visiting our site.

Recession-resistant side hustles to survive a slowdown

Financial markets fell into turmoil when a recession-indicator flashed red for the first time since 2007. Luckily some jobs are these


What: Outdoorsy connects owners of recreational vehicles with renters, who want to use them

Expected pay: Set by you
Husl$core: $$$$$


What: Veyo connects drivers with seniors and disabled people needing a lift to non-emergency medical appointments

Expected pay: $8 to $14 per hour
Husl$core: $$