What: Radio Loyalty purports to pay you for listening to music online, but the pay comes in “points” which expire too fast to cash them in 

Expected pay: “points” worth about 50 cents per hour

Husl $core: $

Where: National


Decent hearing and a firm belief that your time has no value


You get paid less than 50 cents an hour in points that can be turned into gift cards when you earn enough of them, which would take the rest of your natural life. But guess what? Your points expire after a year or 180 days after your last log in, so you’ll probably never get to cash them in.  You can earn more by peddling lemonade from a card table in your front lawn. Do I really need to say more about why you shouldn’t do this?

There are vastly better ways to earn money, from using your artistic skills to create print-on-demand products to signing up to be a mock juror. If you’re looking for imaginative ways to earn a few bucks, check out Fiverr.

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