Awesomic connects freelance graphic designers with clients from around the world, paying a set rate once monthly.
Expected pay: Varies with experience
Husl$core: $$$$

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AirTasker connects clients who need a service with freelancers willing to provide it. Clients set the price

Expected pay: Varies
Husl$core: $$$

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GoPuff enlists freelance drivers to pick up groceries from the company's warehouses and deliver them to consumers.

Expected pay: $3 - $5 per delivery, plus tip

Husl$core: $$

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how to survive inflation

Strategies to survive inflation

Basic strategies to survive inflation involve spending (or saving) less or earning more. Or, if you're retired, using more of your savings.

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no college, no problem

No college? No problem

No college? No problem. A wide array of jobs -- many of them well-paid -- don't require a degree. Moreover, some cities are particularly friendly to workers without a college education.

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the art of getting hired

The art of getting hired

We talked to a variety of successful individuals on the art of getting hired. While the advice can vary depending on the type of customer you're after, there are the best tips.

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Are games the way you express your intellect? Some side hustle platforms will pay you to use this skill.

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Get paid to manage games

Love fantasy games, like Dungeons & Dragons and Call of Cthulhu? Sign up with online gaming giant StartPlaying and you can get paid to manage games.

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Play and review games

Love to play games -- and think you might be able to make them better with your feedback?

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Play games

Play Games

Did you know that you can play games -- for money? This isn't betting. It's about game testing and organizing. Fun. Creative. Smart.

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