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Uber and Lyft alternative

New alternative for Uber and Lyft drivers

With a regulatory dispute putting Uber and Lyft at risk, a ride share upstart has launched to give Uber and Lyft drivers (and riders) a better alternative.

Rent out your house

Rent out your house for events

As cities re-open, there's never been a better time to rent out your house for events -- an activity that can pay $50 to $500 per hour.

September side hustles

September side hustles

Overwhelmed parents will drive demand for September side hustles this year, as "distance learning" forces frazzled mothers and fathers to seek help.

Fast-cash side hustles

Fast-cash side hustles

While the government wrangles over pandemic relief, bills still need to be paid. Fast-cash side hustles can help.

build your own website

How to build your own website

In the Covid age, it doesn't matter whether you're a writer or a realtor, you need a website to avoid becoming invisible. Here's how to build one in an hour. Cost: $12 a month.

find a great side hustle

How to find a great side hustle

While online platforms make it easy to find a side hustle, you've got to navigate a site's terms to find a great side hustle that pays well and offers good working conditions.

refinancing challenge for freelancers

Refinancing challenge for freelancers

Homeowners can permanently cut one of their biggest monthly expenses by refinancing at today's historically low rates. But new rules make refinancing a challenge for freelancers.

Pay for opinions

Pay for opinions

You've heard the expression "a penny for your thoughts"? Dozens of companies would like you to take the expression literally. They'll pay for opinions. Some will pay considerably more than a penny too.

high pay for expertise

High pay for expertise

Several online consulting firms provide matchmaking services to connect seasoned pros with someone willing to pay for expertise.

use side hustles to change your life

How to use side hustles to change your life

Side hustles can change your life. Just ask Kevin Ha. Last year, the income from Ha's side hustles hit a point where the 33-year-old was able to quit his day job. Nine tips.

Uber & Lyft: Sweeping changes for drivers and customers

Uber & Lyft: Sweeping change for drivers and customers

Competing chess moves by government and big gig companies, such as Uber and Lyft, DoorDash and Instacart, promise sweeping changes for drivers and customers

Summer 2020: RV rentals are red hot

With the pandemic still in full swing, an increasing number of vacationers are avoiding airlines and hotels. But RV and camper rentals are red hot.