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Millennials: The side hustle generation

Older generations like to complain about all the things the millennial generation has “killed,” from casual dining chains to starter homes. Now they say millennials are killing entrepreneurialism, too. But are they?

8 ways to make money renting your stuff

If you have stuff -- houses, cars, boats, baby equipment, carpet cleaners or tools -- you can make money renting it out. Here's how.

The best way to sell your cell phone

Old smart phones have value -- often significant value -- and can be easily sold online.

Jobs for teenagers

There are hundreds of online job platforms, but only a relative handful are like these 10 that allow younger teenagers -- age 13 to 17 -- to use them to find work.

5 Ways to earn $1,000 before Christmas

Trying to make it through the winter holidays without a debt hang-over? Here are 5 ways to earn $1,000 before Christmas

Oft-abused domestic workers win wage dispute

Domestic workers win a rare settlement over wage theft and labor violations, in a case that has national significance

The changing face of America’s workforce

Everybody has a different picture of the so-called "freelance economy." Entrepreneurial and mercurial workers like Marek Ziebinski, Mary O'Connor and Ella Tyler are the reason why.

Good jobs for seniors

Seniors, the fastest-growing segment of the workforce, don't need to be discouraged when looking for work; they just need to look for work in the right places.

Taxes for landlords 101

Have you joined the Airbnb Nation or found some other way to make money renting out your personal residence? Then there are some rules that could save you a small fortune in tax.

The ugly truth about breeding puppies for pay

Think you might want to breed dogs as a side hustle? Think twice. Although it’s normal to pay hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars for a purebred dog -- and each litter is likely to produce several animals -- the expenses of breeding responsibly are so high that even many professional breeders barely break even.

Jobs you can do in pajamas

Donna Freeman side hustles for a living. She has written books, blogs, coaches other writers, and sometimes uses her free time to complete paid surveys. The one thing that all of Freeman's side hustles have in common: They are work-at-home jobs she can do in pajamas, if she so chooses. 

New law provides tax gift to side hustlers

Got a side hustle? Then you should know that the Tax Cut and Jobs Act created a new break that is likely to significantly cut the federal income taxes you pay on your self-employment income. Here's how it works.