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Profit from a distance

Share your skills and profit from a distance

If the latest Covid numbers have you reluctant to go out -- even to work -- here are remote jobs that can help you cash in while you keep your distance.

California drivers get a raise and benefits

California drivers get a raise and benefits

California ride share and delivery drivers will get a raise and some insurance benefits, thanks to a law recently approved by voters. Widely watched in other states, this law could serve as a nationwide model. 

Jobs revving up and reviving

Jobs that are revving up and reviving

In the last few weeks several types of jobs have started revving up and reviving, providing opportunity for those looking for holiday work.

Clinical trials: highly paid but risky

Clinical trials: Highly-paid but risky

A highly-paid but potentially risky way to make money is to volunteer for clinical trials. In many cases, you can earn thousands in a few days.

Side hustle to finance holiday buying

Side hustle to finance holiday buying

Want a side hustle to finance holiday buying? Consider selling stuff that you already own.

Best sites to sell a cell phone

Best sites to sell a cell phone

The best sites to sell a cell phone will either buy your phone outright or help you sell it directly to another consumer.

variety of new jobs

A variety of new jobs

Looking for work? SideHusl's editors found a variety of new jobs for writers, reviewers, college students and teenagers this week.

get and keep remote work

How to get and keep remote work

How can you get and keep remote work, without sacrificing your career, family life, or sanity? 10 tips.

Pandemic’s impact on workers

The pandemic's impact on workers has been devastating. In addition to fueling a sky-high unemployment rate, even people who have kept their jobs are earning less.

Uber and Lyft alternative

New alternative for Uber and Lyft drivers

With a regulatory dispute putting Uber and Lyft at risk, a ride share upstart has launched to give Uber and Lyft drivers (and riders) a better alternative.

Rent out your house

Rent out your house for events

As cities re-open, there's never been a better time to rent out your house for events -- an activity that can pay $50 to $500 per hour.

September side hustles

September side hustles

Overwhelmed parents will drive demand for September side hustles this year, as "distance learning" forces frazzled mothers and fathers to seek help.