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The day my house earned $1,455

Can you really earn thousands of dollars by renting out your house by the hour? We decided to find out by signing up for Giggster, a site that rents your home for movie and photo shoots

Wanderlust? Jobs for people who want to travel

If you love to see new places, but don't have the money to take a traditional vacation, you should know that some jobs are perfect for people with wanderlust.

Don’t-miss deductions for freelancers

Freelancers have more tax deductions than ever, thanks to the new tax law, but there is nothing simple about claiming everything you're due.

5 ways to protect yourself from fake reviews

The FTC filed a lawsuit last week that draws attention to an increasingly vexing problem for both consumers and freelancers -- a rising number of fake reviews and endorsements

Side hustle horror stories and how to avoid them

Online platforms background-check their workers, but rarely scrutinize their clients, which can put freelancers in dangerous and compromising positions

Best retirement plans for freelancers and self-employed

Self-employed workers — even those who are self-employed just part-time — have far more ways to save for retirement than traditional employees.

The Jekyll & Hyde freelance market

A surprising number of Americans consider freelancing the new American dream, but the freelance market flips from good to evil as quickly as the Jekyll & Hyde character in the classic novel.

Fast-buck side hustles to survive the shutdown

News and social media sites are filled with anecdotes about furloughed federal employees driving for Uber and Lyft to make ends meet during the government shut-down. But there are far better side hustles for people needing to earn a fast buck.

Why every side hustler needs a home office

If you have a side hustle, you ought to think about creating dedicated space in your home for a home office.

6 side hustles to get you physically and fiscally fit

What if you could side hustle your way to physical and financial fitness all at the same time? We found jobs that pay well, while requiring you to move.

Second acts and side hustles keep seniors working

Every year more seniors choose “second acts” and side hustles over the more established path of retiring to a life of golf, grandchildren and globetrotting.

Best ways to write for a living

If you're looking for a job that you can do from anywhere, and still earn good money, writing may be just the ticket. But you need a strategy to be successful