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newly discovered side gigs

Newly discovered side gigs

We are always on the hunt for new gigs that offer engaging work and good money. Several of these newly discovered side gigs fit the bill.

Vacation season opportunities

Vacation season opportunities

Whether you're looking for work or respite from work, more than a dozen online platforms can help you save money or side hustle your way through this vacation season. Here are some vacation season opportunities

earn $500 fast

How to earn $500 fast

The editors at SideHusl.com searched through our database of 450 side hustle platforms to find those that could help you earn $500 fast.

make money while killing time

Make money while killing time

Waiting on jury duty? For a late flight? Suffering through a bad movie? Pull out your phone and make money while you're killing time. 

make money with greeting cards

Make money with greeting cards

You don't have to be employed by Hallmark to make money with greeting cards. All you need is a clever wit and the ability to pull together attractive or funny illustrations.

love to shop

Jobs for people who love to shop

Do you love to shop? You can make money shopping for others with mystery shopping concerns and grocery shopping apps.

teach English online

How to teach English online

Native English speakers have a simple, and often lucrative, side hustle. They can teach English online. More than a dozen online platforms can help.

remote customer service jobs

Remote customer service jobs

If you want to work in your pajamas at odd hours of the day or night, you may be a perfect candidate for remote customer service jobs.

Side hustles for the opinionated

Side hustles for the opinionated

Opinionated? Don't limit yourself to arguing with strangers on social media. Get paid to participate in side hustles for the opinionated.

Make money playing games

Make money playing games

You don't have to be a YouTube or Twitch star to make money playing games. You could just be an ordinary person with a side hustle.

Jobs for nomads

Jobs for nomads

If you want to work while you travel or live in a foreign land, jobs for nomads can allow you to earn money whenever and wherever you want.

Making cars earn their keep

Making cars earn their keep

Cars normally cost money. However, an increasing number of entrepreneurial vehicle owners are making their cars earn their keep.