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How to negotiate the new freelance law

A new freelance law that goes into effect in California this week could impact workers everywhere. And though there's a lot of fear, most will be able to navigate the law to their advantage

Make money with art and photography

You don't have to be a starving artist. With more than 40% growth in job postings, your ability to make money with art and photography has never been better.

Your daytimer is deductible and other year-end tax tips

Self-employment gives you a litany of tax breaks that aren't available to employees. But many require that you take action before year-end if you want to claim them on 2019 returns.

How to find part-time professional work

Being a professional used to be an all-or-nothing proposition. Work full-time and make lots of money or...well, don't. That's changed dramatically. Here's how to find part-time professional work.

Holiday side hustles

This coming month of chaotic shopping, seasonal decorating and holiday parties gives entrepreneurs ample opportunity to make a bundle with holiday side hustles.

Use a side hustle to become a millionaire

Almost half of millennials have a side hustle -- and many say they're doing it to add to savings. That sets them up to become young millionaires.

New-collar work: high-pay, no degree required

New-collar work that promises high pay without a degree -- is exploding, providing new opportunity for high school graduates and adults looking for new careers.

Top-rated side hustles, from M-to-Z

Our editors went searching for top-rated side hustles representing every letter of the alphabet, and found two-dozen great options

Top-rated side hustles, from A-to-Z

SideHusl.com's editors wanted to see if we could find top-rated side hustles for every letter of the alphabet. We failed. But we did find 24 of 26.

Use a side hustle to pad your resume

Recruiters say side hustles show imagination, initiative, commercial savvy, customer service and other desirable skills in job applicants

5 reasons to side hustle

Side hustles are flexible, part-time jobs that a lot of people engage in outside of their normal working hours for five good reasons. Here are the reasons and how a side hustle can help.

Side hustles for happier holidays

Holiday displays now go up in late summer -- before most families have fully digested their back-to-school shopping. But seasonal hiring starts early too. That gives you plenty of time to earn the $1,000 the average family spends on the holidays, before the holiday bills mount.