What: Cook for pick-up

Expected pay: nominal

Husl$core: $

Requirements: Meet food safety and hygiene requirements (which are not specified on the site); register

Where: Theoretically, worldwide. But mainly in the Netherlands, where the site started

Review: ShareYourMeal is one of the early entrants in the cook-for-pay marketplace, launching in 2012. However, unlike ,  EatWith and Feastly, which appear to have thriving communities in the U.S., finding a ShareYourMeal cook in North America is a challenge. (We won’t say it’s impossible. We didn’t check every town.) Another downside for potential cooks: ShareYourMeal is set up as a non-profit and indicates that you should buy into the idea of selling your meals for cost. It even suggests that users report anyone who appears to be using the site for commercial purposes.  And, though the site says that it does not require it, cooks are asked to “contribute” to the site. The rare domestic availability and at-cost pay formula earns this opportunity our lowest Husl$core. If you’re looking for better opportunities in Southern California, we’d recommend DishDivvy; if you’re anywhere else, consider EatWith.

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