What: Shiftgig helps find hourly work in the food service, hospitality, warehouse, retail, and “experiential marketing” industries.

Expected pay: $10 -$20 per hour

Husl$core: $$$


  • Have industry experience
  • Live near one of the company’s supported markets
  • Be 18 or older and legally authorized to work in the US
  • Have an iPhone or Android phone capable of running the Shiftgig app


Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Memphis, Miami, Milwaukee, Nashville, New Jersey, New York, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Tampa


Shiftgig aims to play matchmaker between employers in the food service, hospitality, warehouse, retail and “experiential marketing” industries  who need part-time help and workers willing and able to pick up occasional shifts.

These industries typically do not pay the best wages, so you should expect to earn just a little over minimum wage when picking up hospitality, retail, warehouse and customer service gigs. However, you get paid a bit more if you get hired to do “experiential marketing.” What’s that? Mainly working at company events, providing assistance to visitors; helping set-up and tear-down booths; answer questions, and even “model” for high-end brand representation.

Complaints about the platform range from wage disputes — “their payroll department is very disorganized and makes mistakes” — to griping about too few jobs on the platform. That said, the site appears to have an equal number of fans, which earns the opportunity an average Husl$core. Other options worth considering: Wonolo and SnagAJob and, if you are interested in seasonal work, XanterraJobs and CoolWorks.

What their users say: (From Glassdoor)

Shiftgig stole my wages. more explicitly, I worked a shift and, after submitting my hours, someone on their back end reduced my hours, causing me to be underpaid. fortunately, i noticed, and contacted support immediately. it took an entire week and multiple emails on my end to get a response…and their response was that they were “unable to issue payment”. yeah, that’s wage theft…

Pays fast, the app is easy to use and read. Easily drop shifts and claim shifts through the shiftgig app. But….they’re completely disorganized, they do not care about employees situations. Also they make a lot of mistakes with payroll. Their customer service line is a joke.

Never received cc tips for shift I worked nor did I receive any resolution to the matter. Pursued the issue for months with no response or answer as to why I haven”t been paid from anyone in the Dallas office

Lots of low paying gigs that take considerable travel

Cancelled shifts/AWOL support

There are too many cancelled shifts and management can be very scarce or rude when it comes to handling employee concerns.

The benefits: Work when you can, for who you want, at desired rate. Great, in theory. All-star recognition buys you a preview of shifts before they’re made available to the masses. Pays Every Friday! Daily Pay is available if you run into the unexpected. The detriments: The “work your way” theory loses points when there aren’t enough shifts to go around. I’m constantly with phone in hand waiting for notifications that a shift has been posted. IF the stars align and a shift becomes available that I can commit to and that I’m interested in (day, time, location, task, rate and uniform) it is often claimed before I finish reading the details. And it’s a tough break when shifts you want are posted when you’re working and need to have put away your phone.

You can work whenever you want to. If you need extra cash then this is the place to be. You make more when you get more skill tags. I love it!!!

Pros: Very easy job to get. You choose when you want to work. You seriously meet the nicest people on your shifts. Most of the companies pay well hourly. You are sent a lot of shifts to choose from daily.

Cons: Shifts that you like are sometimes hard to get. Some of the shifts have really fussy dress codes but then again, you dont have to take them. Sometimes shifts come in a little too close to the starting time, making it impossible to claim them.

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