What: SnagWork is a staffing platform that hires employees to fill open shifts at restaurants, breweries, retail establishments, amusement parks and warehouses.

Expected pay: $10 or more per hour

Husl$core: $$$

Commissions & fees: none

Where: Washington, D.C., Richmond, VA and Charlotte, NC.

Requirements: Be 18 or over; pass a background check and video interview.


SnagWork, an offshoot of SnagAJob, is a staffing platform that hires part-time workers to fill in at partner companies on an as-needed basis. Launched two years ago, the site has just a few locations and only about 400 workers signed up. But SnagWork plans to expand over the coming year.

The main benefit of this platform is that it hires its workers as W-2 employees, paying at least minimum wage in every state. In addition, the site kicks in the employer’s side of Social Security and Medicare levies. This alone gives workers a 7.65% pay advantage over similarly-paid “independent contractors.” The site also provides paid training, generally via video. Each video explains what’s expected by different employers. Workers get paid once a week by direct deposit.

The negative side? If you fail to follow instructions, you can get a bad rating and eventually booted from the platform. Both employer and employee are asked to rate each other at the end of a shift.  The also site doesn’t have great scale at the moment, which means you’re not likely to get a lot of shifts.

What their users say:

(from Indeed) To pick up a shift you have to meet the requirements of that job, it’s all different things and a little tiring. I’ve picked up 2 shifts in the past week and they both cancelled on me. And during holidays there aren’t many shifts to pick up, forcing you to get a second job. Snag is good if you already have a job and you just want to work a shift or 2 on the side each week to get a little extra money.