What: SnuggleBuddies pays women to hug and talk to mostly older men, without sexual touch or intent. 

Expected pay: $40 per hour, plus tips

Husl$core: $$

Commissions & fees: 50%

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: Be a woman over the age of 18, 


SnuggleBuddies offers high-paying “snuggling” work for women. The idea, pressed by a handful of psychologists, is that touch can soothe loneliness, depression and other ailments. But not everyone is in a position to receive this warmth. Thus, you can buy it for $80 an hour, half of which will go to SnuggleBuddies, the other half goes to the snuggler. The bulk of clients are men in their 50s and 60s. 

The things we like: The site requires clients to sign a contract that acknowledges there is to be no sexual contact; no removal of clothing; no touching of private areas. Snugglers can leave without penalty if the rules are violated or if they feel unsafe. SnuggleBuddies are also told to contact the site immediately after the gig is done, so that the site can monitor their safety. Workers are paid for travel time and they keep their tips. 


Clients have the ability to pay in advance by credit card or pay the snuggler in cash at the time of the appointment.  If you’re paid in cash, you’re supposed to send half to the company. But if the job is paid by credit card, you may not get paid at all.

A snuggler who calls herself BuffySwan also wrote a review about getting stiffed, which got loaded with similar comments from similarly situated snugglers. 

In addition, snugglers maintain that the site doesn’t take profiles down, even after they’ve abandoned the site.

There are other places that will hire you to provide companionship. If this is your idea of a great side hustle, we’d suggest you sign up with RentAFriend or CuddleComfort.

What their snugglers say: (from Trust Pilot)

Evan Carp is the owner of this place and is a scam artist who also goes by other names, such as “Jeff Smith.” Numerous workers never see a dime of payment. Surely, this cannot be allowed to go on forever. Carp now blames his depression for being an abusive thief. Don’t let his cries for sympathy fool you. His bad behavior has been going on for years. You got caught, dude. It’s called karma. Deal with it.

Tried numerous times to become a client. No response from anyone after many requests. Have subsequently read dozens of postings indicating that the owner is a jerk and cheats his snugglers out of money. 

(from the Better Business Bureau)

I did one job and he never paid me. But he also refuses to take me off of his website. I have several texts, emails and pleas to take me off an he will not. I am not his employee and I want my information down now. This man is a scam artist.

I filed an application, but later decided it was not for me. When I emailed saying that I do not want to continue the application process or be hosted on the web site, I got this message:  “why the **** did you apply then? ******* moron”

I rarely got a response from them regarding status. They continually gave out my private information, which is against their own procedures and terms. 

I performed 5 sessions with clients. But texted the wrong number, and was barked at via E-mail. I remedied that and messaged the correct number. Meanwhile, I have sent multiple E-mails about being paid $140 that I am owed for my sessions and no one responds.