What: Takl allows you to find jobs as a cleaner, gardener, handyman, mover, or providing other light construction work

Expected pay: Varies by position

Husl$core: $$$

Commissions & fees: $2.99 per month, plus 30%.

Requirements: None listed, though you’ll need a smart phone and presumably appropriate skills for the jobs you take

Where: Nationwide

Review: The only requirement that Takl lists for providers is that they must be able to pass a background check. Like Handy, they don’t warn you that you’ll also pay for that background check upfront long before you’re hired to do any work. In addition to that, you’ll need to pay the platform a $2.99 “access fee” each month. And if you get a job through Takl, the site will take up to 30% of the earnings. (The commission schedule ranges from 10% — for “while you’re at it” add-ons — to 30% for the run-of-the-mill position.) That’s a hefty marketing fee, but if you know that, you can raise your rates accordingly. 

That said, you don’t pay for worthless “leads” like you do with HomeAdvisor and ThumbTack. And you don’t get penalized for needing to cancel a job, like you do with Handy. If you’re just getting your construction business started, this may be a way to market your services until you have enough word of mouth to carry you.

If, on the other hand, you provide landscaping services, check out better opportunities with GreenPal and JiffyOnDemand.

What their users say:

From Google Play

Sign up, get tasked, preform task, get paid. Easy right , there are just not that many task to preform. Otherwise fantastic app

Bad app with little support and no following. I signed up to be a provider 8 months ago after a marketing push. Did the training and since then have not had a single hit job wise. Waste of time. Hire local

This app prices hours of work in nyc and suburbs at ridiculous rates. To hang some blinds is not difficult but even an hours worth of work will require one to spend 3 hours between travel, parking and walking up and down the stairs. Takl thinks skilled labor is worth a notch above minimum wage. Takl you are penny wise and dollar stupid if you think professionals will provide their services under your flat rate umbrella

I worked for task rabbit a while back ! Get task rabbit! This app is soooooooo expensive and a copy of task rabbit. Probably a bunch of young kids using daddy’s money to start an over priced app with a BRO work environment like the rest of these start ups. Too expensive!

I live in a rural area. It would be great if I could see if there even any jobs in my area before wasting all the time going through an activation process and paying for a background check. I’m not spending money on this if I can’t see the potential for an income increase.

Seems like a great idea if you want something done quickly for cheap (for customers)… but no one who values their time or work ethic will bother. You’re already responsible for transportation, and supplies, naturally…but what they offer to pay a provider for these chores is a joke. Let me save you the $50 for the background check and admin/start up fee (which they will not refund). Just go get some $7 vista print business cards, flyers and market yourself. I wanted this to be a good thing, but it leaves a lot to be desired for providers. Not one chore I saw was worth the pay. The app could be more user

Its a scam. Im embarrassed to say i got it. Paid for the background check to be a Provider, only there are no jobs, or customer service.

The app is very functional and easy to learn. However the provider mode has a notification setting and it rarely actually let’s me know of any new jobs. Also I would like to point out to anyone that is thinking of becoming a provider that you do have to pay a $40 dollar background check fee. So far I have been a provider for about 2 months and have yet to go out on a job so make sure you can afford the background check before putting any eggs in this basket.

I am in surprised, this company does NOT cover the costs of the background check, nor does it offer the chance to pay through future jobs. I understand there is a risk in doing the background check, HOWEVER, isn’t that why there is a provider fee AND a monthly fee? I’m not impressed. This is not a good app to use when you really don’t have money and need money asap.

I followed the instructions to become a provider and was approved without issue about 4 months ago and have yet to have a chore to be within 60 to 70 miles of my home base. Takl should not take potential providers fees if the service is not available in their area. I reached out to support and was told my area is “coming soon”… a basic response for scam. I would have never signed up if I had known the service had not been released in my area… I asked for a refund but was denied. Looks like Takl is a money making scam for someone… Not for the provider… PROVIDER BEWARE!

Will Not Show Available Jobs Even when an available chore comes through as a push notification, it will not show up under the Available Chores tab in the app. I have only minutes to decide if a job is right for me, and I cannot navigate away from the push notification, or the chore disappears into the ether. So after promoting myself and this app, I now look foolish having promoted a seriously glitchy service. Customer service reps have been FAR from helpful. The first one responded “one moment please” after I described my issue, and then literally never wrote me back. This app is an excellent idea. But clearly terrible in practice, as it has too many functional problems.

I’ve been a TAKL provider for close to a year. I’ve made a few grand. I’m also a very thorough provider, trying to ensure my customers expectations were met or better! I almost always get a tip. I am a full time carpenter for a commercial builder and have a pressure washing business. TAKL helps me fill in the small gaps in work. If you don’t make money, there’s a reason. If i did this full time, I feel I could earn near $1000/week +- some better than others. Be a hard worker, do well. Be lazy, not so well!

It’s easy money, but around holidays, they struggle to pay you. They ought to send an email confirmation of when you’re getting paid and list any delays (i.e. holidays, extra day if you completed the job really late). Once you complete a job as a provider, you can’t really tell if it worked and there were no errors. They won’t pay me until an entire week after I did a Tuesday job because of thanksgiving and finishing the job at 8 pm. I don’t really mind that much, but until I contacted support, I had no idea why I wasn’t being paid. On the flip side, they have VERY easy to access support. I was able to get a response within minutes on their chat. Also, it would be nice to be able to contact customers ahead of navigating there. I would like to know details about the scope of work.

Providers Beware: You will not make money. The demand is just not there for these jobs. And I live in a huge market. Of the few jobs available you will only get selected for a fraction of those. Accepting almost every job available I only made 300-400 a month. Plus takl takes bout 30%. This is like a part-part time job if you put in full effort. And you have to haul around all of your equipment at all times if you hope to grab those jobs. Customers beware: providers do not need any experience or any credentials for any job. Background check is all you get. Don’t expect a professional job! Most are regular people doing jobs you dont want to do. If its a delicate job be advised Takl at your own risk

Signed up to be a provider. Been on it for a month and haven’t got a single job. I get plenty of notifications but never any work. Don’t waste your time.. just post your own adds on Craigslist and save yourself the headache.

From Glassdoor

If there is a single problem with the client or the job, you are left to sort the issue out yourself, the client is ALWAYS right you cannot cancel the job, otherwise your account will be put under investigation, the pay you have received is rarely on time and I have had a job where they didnt pay me the full amount and denied it was ever set at that price. Disgraceful

As other people reviews states, there is none existing support from TAKL for providers and you are on your own when accepting a chore BUT the absolutely scariest thing is no liability insurance from TAKL which means you might find yourself in a lawsuit by the customer and no assistance provided from the company that put you in the situation. TAKL state that you are a independent contractor and not working for them

I cancelled I job because it was paying $80 dollars to lift about ten items about 250 lbs a piece and needed at least 3 to 4 persons to lift so it would end up paying about 20 dollars per person to drive from Tampa to Bradenton about 20 miles one way with gas at 2.49 per gallon

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