What: Takl normally helps you find work cleaning, gardening, as a handyman, mover or doing other light construction jobs. However, the site suspended operations on March 18th, due to the Coronavirus pandemic. We provide the review here for potential future reference. If you are a contractor looking for work, our best advice is to work through free neighborhood website Nextdoor.

Expected pay: Varies by position

Husl$core: $$

Commissions & fees: $2.99 per month, plus 30%.

Requirements: None listed, though you’ll need a smart phone and presumably appropriate skills for the jobs you take

Where: Nationwide


The only requirement that Takl lists for providers is that they must be able to pass a background check. That’s not a good sign for customers. For providers, there are also red flags.

1. You’ll need to pay for your own background check before you start;

2. there’s a $2.99 monthly “access fee”

3. And, if you get a job through the site, Handy will take a whopping 30% of your earnings.

The site charges customers a 10% add-on, too. So the job is 40% more expensive to have Takl as the intermediary. To be sure, you can raise your rates to accommodate the provider fee. But, you might do better just printing up your own business cards and marketing locally through a free site like Nextdoor

That said, you don’t pay for worthless “leads” like you do with HomeAdvisor and ThumbTack. And you don’t get penalized for needing to cancel a job, like you do with Handy. If you’re just getting your construction business started, this may be a way to market your services until you have enough word of mouth to carry you. However, we believe the opportunities are better with GreenPal (landscaping) and JiffyOnDemand (handyman services).

What their users say:

From the Better Business Bureau:

The providers don’t get paid for the jobs they complete when a dishonest customer files a fraudulent complaint to get free service. Even when pictures are provided. Takl will place a hold on providers account. Worst of all, Takl will tell the provider to pay them a ridiculous fee or else they will not reactivated their account This company is a scam. 

I WORKED A JOB FOR $143 & the customer cancelled the job by accident while I was working. We have been trying to be cooperative & let the “SUPPORT” team know the incident they are now telling me it is my fault & I cleaned the house for free ! And they blocked my account for “temporary reasons” !!So IF ANYBODY WANTS A FREE CLEANING ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS CANCEL THE JOB WHILE THEIR SERVICE IS BEING DONE THEN THATS IT THEY WONT CHARGE YOU ! YOU’RE WELCOME !

From Google Play

Bad app with little support and no following. I signed up to be a provider 8 months ago after a marketing push. Did the training and since then have not had a single job. Waste of time. Hire local

Takl thinks skilled labor is worth a notch above minimum wage. Takl you are penny wise and dollar stupid if you think professionals will provide their services under your flat rate umbrella

Paid for the background check to be a Provider, only there are no jobs, or customer service.

I followed the instructions to become a provider and was approved without issue about 4 months ago and have yet to have a chore to be within 60 to 70 miles of my home base. Takl should not take fees if the service is not available in their area. I asked for a refund but was denied. Looks like Takl is a money making scam for someone… Not for the provider. 

I am a full time carpenter for a commercial builder and have a pressure washing business. TAKL helps me fill in the small gaps in work. If you don’t make money, there’s a reason. If i did this full time, I feel I could earn near $1000/week +- some better than others. Be a hard worker, do well. Be lazy, not so well!

Around holidays, they struggle to pay you. They ought to send an email confirmation of when you’re getting paid and list any delays (i.e. holidays, extra day if you completed the job really late). Once you complete a job as a provider, you can’t really tell if it worked and there were no errors. It would be nice to be able to contact customers ahead of navigating there. I would like to know details about the scope of work.

Providers Beware:

You will not make money. The demand is just not there for these jobs. And I live in a huge market. Of the few jobs available you will only get selected for a fraction of those. Accepting almost every job available I only made 300-400 a month. Plus Takl takes about 30%. This is like a part-part time job if you put in full effort. 

Signed up to be a provider. Been on it for a month and haven’t got a single job. I get plenty of notifications but never any work. Don’t waste your time.. just post your own adds on Craigslist and save yourself the headache.

From Glassdoor

If there is a single problem with the client or the job, you are left to sort the issue out yourself. The client is ALWAYS right you cannot cancel the job, otherwise your account will be put under investigation, the pay you have received is rarely on time and I have had a job where they didnt pay me the full amount and denied it was ever set at that price. Disgraceful

There is no existing support from TAKL for providers and you are on your own when accepting a chore. BUT the absolutely scariest thing is no liability insurance from TAKL, which means you might find yourself in a lawsuit by the customer and no assistance provided from the company that put you in the situation. TAKL states that you are a independent contractor and not working for them


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