What: Task Rabbit helps you find work in a wide array of fields, from cleaning and delivery to decorating and construction.

Expected pay: Varies based on the job (you set the rate)

Husl$core: $$

Commissions & fees: 30%

Requirements: Be over the age of 21 and able to sign a legal contract

Where: Most major cities in the U.S.


Task Rabbit sounds like a great idea. You sign up to do almost any type of work and set your own rates. The site serves as a matchmaker between employer and “tasker” taking a fee for the introduction and payment processing.

However, the site takes a fairly large chunk of your pay — 30% — and adds a 7.5% “trust and safety fee” on top of the employer’s bill. There is also a $20 fee to register.

You can boost your rates to cover their high fees, but that’s likely to make you less competitive. Moreover, the platform penalizes you if you don’t accept 85% of the tasks presented to you. That can almost force you to take jobs and shifts that don’t suit you, the antithesis of the “flexible” work the site promises.

These terms, high platform fees, and some scathing worker reviews earned Task Rabbit a substandard Husl$core.

There are other sites that offer a wide range of job opportunities that charge less and are likely to be a better bet. In addition, if you have a specific skill, some of the best opportunities are in narrow niches. (To search those, go back to “work” and click on your interest.)

Other job platforms you might want to consider: Belay, for virtual assistants, writing and tech services; Upwork for writers, graphic designers and other professional services; Remote for writers, web designers and virtual assistants. FlexJobs for a curated job board for all types of telecommuting and part-time positions. And GreenPal for landscapers and gardeners.

What their users say: (From SiteJabber)

App gets frozen often and communication with clients is not possible. You lose jobs, get poor reviews and that’s why people don’t lasts long in this platform. No support from app, treat you as dirt.

You’re better off going on craigslist and finding work than giving them money. I have a lot of experience in electrical work. Freelance for about 6 years now. If I was to wait for them to find me a task i would be homeless. I feel like I was scammed out of money and I hope someone that had same experience as I did and has money will sue the $#*! out of them. This is ridiculous.

I spent a lot of time trying to register as a tasker, filling out all their questionnaires, getting my financial documents ready. But then after I submitted all my paperwork they send me an email saying that there is no demand for the services I registered to provide. WTF??? Why didn’t you inform me while I was filling out all your questionnaires and forms. Please pay me for the time I spent trying to register becoming a tasker. 

$20 for nothing

If you are looking for extra money on Task Rabbit, you are wasting time. You show up to do do odd little jobs and might not get paid. These fools on the other side just want free favors and don’t want to pay. They want 20 bucks to register for Task Rabbit and that is too much to charge for nonsense. BIG BIG WASTE OF TIME.

Filled to become a Tasker over 3 months ago not approved yet when asked always get same email back saying high volume people signing up causing delay come on its over 3 months already. Took my $20, I strongly don’t recommend also I will be filling complaint to the consumer affairs.

I worked over a year with great customer ratings, then got popular and one Saturday I got 5 requests and could handle them. Some canceled and others I couldn’t make it. TaskRabbit policy then froze my account and now I’m not getting any more task request. I wrote them 3 times to say I was overwhelmed that Saturday. They still didn’t change and still left my account inactive.

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