Rent A Friend!?

What: Be a paid platonic companion; rent yourself out

Expected pay: $10 to $50 per hour

Husl $core: $$$$$

Requirements: be over 18 and wiling to hang out with people you don’t know for pay

Review: Theoretically, this is a way to make easy money. The concept is that someone new to the neighborhood (or country) might want to go out and do things that would be more fun with a companion, so they can rent you for pay.

"Your mother wouldn’t approve. If you sign up, carry pepper spray"

You — the rented friend — set the hourly rate of pay and collect every dollar of it. The site only makes money off of people who join to meet people like you. What do you do with your new friend? The friend proposes the activity and pays for it.

You simply decide whether or not you want to go. The site cautions “friends” to meet in public; don’t do anything you’re uncomfortable with, and be careful. I found no complaints from rented friends on the web, but a blogger at TheGloss wrote a very funny review about renting someone, which is linked below.

Then why did this opportunity get a problem rating, especially considering the relatively high pay for having fun (presumably) with another human being, who is also paying your tab? I can’t shake the feeling that this would be the perfect place for a serial killer to find his next victim. Besides, the whole idea of renting yourself out for pay is a little sketch to start with. Your mother wouldn’t approve. If you sign up, carry pepper spray.

There are hundreds of other opportunities on this site that will allow you to do everything from cooking to writing; acting to web design. If you can’t settle on another topic, consider a site like Fiverr, which will allow you to use your acting skills to, say, create video endorsements or get paid to run errands.

What the experts say:

“It was awkward”

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