Kathy Kristof

Kathy Kristof is editor, founder and CEO of SideHusl.com. However, she prefers the title "Queen of Everything."

Prior to founding SideHusl.com, Kristof was an award-winning financial journalist writing for a variety of publications including the Los Angeles Times, CBS News, Kiplinger, Reuters, Forbes, and Inc.

Decades of experience digging into corporate finances, regulations and consumer legislation was a great background for the work she does at SideHusl.com. Here Kristof dives into the heavy legalese that makes up the "terms and conditions" that govern most freelance relationships. Like the old-school investigative reporter that she is, she verifies every piece of pertinent information that she finds out about how a company operates. When she discovers a red flag, she digs further to find out how that provision impacts the people SideHusl.com serves -- individual freelancers.

As a result, we believe SideHusl.com publishes the most complete and accurate reviews of the "gigs" that freelancers can choose from when looking to work for themselves through an online platform.

She's the author of three books, "Investing 101," "Taming the Tuition Tiger" and "Kathy Kristof's Complete Guide to Dollars and Sense." She was also once a Jeopardy question: "Kathy Kristof replaced what famous personal finance columnist when she died in 1991?" (Answer: Sylvia Porter)

You can reach her at kathykristof@sidehusl.com


Mike Magnuson

Mike Magnuson has sold everything from property insurance to vodka. In the process, he's learned that a good salesman doesn't try to get you to buy whatever he's selling. He listens to what you need and determines whether his product is a good fit.

We are delighted to have him on SideHusl.com team. We believe you'll find him smart, responsive and committed to making every relationship a win-win.

He can be reached at MikeMagnuson@sidehusl.com



He is the founder and CEO of RVK Design, a web design and marketing firm based in Malibu, Calif. A small business specialist, Rory combines artistic sense and an eye for detail to create beautiful and responsive web sites for clients.

He not only makes SideHusl.com beautiful, he bails us out of the seemingly endless technical glitches that come about when print journalists attempt to launch a website.

He can be reached at rory@rvkdesign.com