Kathy Kristof

Kathy Kristof is editor, founder and CEO of SideHusl.com. However, she prefers the title "Queen of Everything."
Prior to founding SideHusl.com, Kristof was an award-winning journalist writing for a variety of publications including the Los Angeles Times, CBS News, Kiplinger, Reuters, Forbes, and Inc.
She's the author of three books, "Investing 101," "Taming the Tuition Tiger" and "Kathy Kristof's Complete Guide to Dollars and Sense." And she has an incomplete work of fiction festering in her office.
You can reach her at kathykristof@sidehusl.com


Catherine Griffiths

Catherine Griffiths, director of advertising, has advertising in her blood. Her father's commercial photography firm worked mainly with film makers and advertising agencies. Catherine got involved as a wee bairn, and now has several decades of experience in both print and online advertising. A master of ambiguity, she's leaving it to you to discern who the advertising director is in her photograph.

She lives in Arizona with a rotating cadre of children, dogs, and a husband, who is frequently in the dog house.

She can be reached at CatherineGriffiths@sidehusl.com

Social media & marketing

Rachel Roy

Rachel Roy, director of marketing, is passionate about all things creative, particularly comedy, creative writing, and screenwriting.

Also a student at the University of Southern California, when Covid closed her campus, Rachel's initial reaction was: "Whoo-hoo! Gap year!" And then, perhaps unwisely, she got a job.

Rachel has worked with foster youth programs and an organization that supports women who have been rescued from human trafficking. She wants to be able to use her art to create a positive impact on society.

She can be reached at rachel@sidehusl.com



He is the founder and CEO of RVK Design, a web design and marketing firm based in Malibu, Calif. A small business specialist, Rory combines artistic sense and an eye for detail to create beautiful and responsive web sites for clients.

He not only makes SideHusl.com beautiful, he bails us out of the seemingly endless technical glitches that come about when print journalists attempt to launch a website.

He can be reached at rory@rvkdesign.com