What: Tradesy is a site where you can sell designer clothing, handbags, shoes, accessories and all wedding-related items, from gowns to tuxedos.

Expected pay: NA

Husl$core: $$

Commissions & fees: 15% to 20%

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: Be 18 or over, or have your transactions supervised by an adult; items to sell


Tradesy is a site to buy and sell designer-wear, ranging from jackets and shoes to wedding gowns and accessories. However, where it is probably a good place to buy, the site’s high commission structure makes it a costly choice for sellers.

Not only do you pay 15-20% of the sales proceeds to the site, you pay an additional 3% when you want to cash out your earnings. That said, it provides some services that are not available on eBay (which charges roughly half as much in commissions), such as pre-paid shipping.

However, the site also holds seller money hostage for an extended period, spurring copious complaints from sellers. The high costs and slow pay earned Tradesy a substandard Husl$score. Better places to sell designer clothing: Poshmark, which has an equally high commission but doesn’t hold your pay or charge extra to cash out, Amazon and eBay are all better choices to sell your designer goods.

What their users say: 

From Pissed Consumer

“Using your earned money to make more money for themselves. It has been 26 days since my item was delivered to the customer on Tradesy and I still don’t have a dime. You would figure a company that charges 19% commission would encourage more selling. IT DOES NOT! I sold a Gucci bag in December and shipped the bag within 24 hours of the sale. It was delivered December 29th. At which point Tradesy put a hold on the funds because I was a new seller (I had sold another item prior with less frustration, which is why I decided to use them again). I could deal with a short hold – Two weeks later the funds were available on the 11th of January. HERE is the main reason why I will never use Tradesy again (and you shouldn’t either). They charge you another fee of 2.9% for what they call a “safe transfer fee” and then wait 7 Business days before they initiate the ACH transfer. Any company that holds your available earnings an additional 7 business days (so that they can earn interest on it, I’m sure) is ripping it’s sellers off! If you don’t mind paying high fees and waiting a month after the sale for your money, then go ahead and use them, but if you’re like me and want your money in a fair and timely manner, look elsewhere.”

“I’m done with Tradsey I’ll rather go to labels or something local.. the fees are ridiculous like you have to sell at original price just to break even.”

“I sold a $1500 Herve Leger dress which I had only worn once. Clearly the buyer wore the dress out to an event and returned it seven days later. Tradesy offers no mean for mediation they simply credit at her and shipped back a damaged dress to me. I will never use nor would I ever recommend selling on this site.

Tradesy is still a sham of a company!I’m currently awaiting response from my attorney general!This is the second time I had to contact the attorney general of N.Y.S.! Why/how this company is still in business is beyond me. I’m not the only one who has submitted complaints. Never again will I sell anything on this site. To do so will have you waiting up to a month for Tradesy to release your funds. The buyer has your merchandise and Tradesy has your funds. It seems to me the company doesn’t want to pay! I had to call multiple times asking where’s my money! 

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