What: Trustify allows experienced investigators to work as private eyes, in person and online at a good rate of pay

Expected pay: $30 – $40 per hour

HuslScore: $$$$$

Commissions & fees: NA

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: For in-person investigations, you’ll need both experience and a state license. For cyber-investigations, you’ll need access to professional databases (i.e. TLO or Accurint); experience pulling local and/or state records and in conducting deep web research, open source intelligence, or financial investigations.


Trustify is an online platform that connects experienced private investigators — many of whom are former cops, CIA or FBI agents — with consumers who are looking to investigate everything from catfishing to fraud.

The site has a simple formula for investigators. You apply; if you qualify, you join the platform. The site uses an algorithm to match clients to the 5 or 10 most qualified investigators, based on both experience and location. You get paid by the hour and (with pre-approval from the client) and can be reimbursed for supplies/subscriptions, if you need to buy access to a specialized database, for instance, to proceed with a case. The site charges clients a flat fee per investigation, so the site’s take varies based on the case. Either way, the private investigator is paid by the hour. Trustify pays by direct deposit twice monthly. 

“We have PI’s in our network making six figures through us,” says Trustify co-founder Danny Boice. 

The site also provides its investigators with perks, including discounts on insurance, tax preparation and hotels. “We think of our PI network as an association, but they don’t pay us. We pay them,” says Boice. 

Maybe we’ve watched too many cop shows, but we love this opportunity. If you are a private investigator, retired law enforcement officer with some free time, or a person with mad online research skills, we’d suggest giving Trustify a try. (And then contact us and tell us about the experience.) There are not a lot of employee reviews.

What their users say (from Investigator Marketing)

Investigator Marketing did a full piece on working for Trustify, which you can find here.

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