What: Use your truck to help people move

Expected pay: $35 to $49 per hour

Husl $core: $$$$


Every state except Idaho and Wyoming


  • 18 or older
  • Have a truck or trailer
  • clean driving recored
  • Auto insurance
  • Pass a background check
  • Have a smart phone
  • Be in good physical condition, able to lift heavy objects


The concept is relatively simple. If you have a truck, van or trailer and want to use it to help people in your community move, you can sign up and Truxx will find gigs for you in exchange for 30% of the moving fee. A story in the Chicago Sun Times says that the service charges $35 per half hour if your driver is loading your stuff; $25 per half hour if you load for the driver. Given Truxx’ 30% fee, that means drivers make between $35 and 49 per hour. Not half bad. You do, of course, have to drive your own truck, which probably doesn’t get great mileage. Still, the hourly compensation is far better than other sites, and that doesn’t include tips, which are also possible.

The caveat is that the app is buggy and tends to freeze up during registration. If you register, make sure you keep support@truxxit.com in your email address list. You may need it.

Other sites that may be worth checking out: Amazon Flex, GoShare and HitchIt.

What their drivers say:

Not really user friendly when trying to register. Froze up a few times and had to restart my phone. I did manage to finish the process. Seems like a great idea. Hope the update fixes the issue with the app. -Galaxy S7-

Have been registered as a driver for over two months. I stay logged in and have not had a single job yet. Tried to email support and haven’t heard anything as of yet

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